Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Groupon Malaysia raised over RM90, 000.00 in 12 days for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

8, 500 women and children in Asia to be nourished

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 March 2012 – Groupon Malaysia today presented a cheque worth RM 92, 320.00 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) following their recent ‘Groupon for Women’ initiative which was launched on International Women’s Day.

The unique partnership aimed to raise awareness and support for WFP’s nutrition work among pregnant or nursing mothers and their children in Asia, through the ‘Groupon for Women’ initiative for WFP’s Mothers-to-Mothers campaign. Television celebrity Marion Caunter also supported the campaign.

“We are elated that we managed to gain the overwhelming response from Groupon subscribers, which was three times more than the earlier goal. We are touched to know that so many people have come together in this way and showed their support to women and in shaping the future of Asia,” said Joel Neoh, CEO of Groupon Malaysia. “The business model of Groupon emphasizes on collective buying power which benefits our consumers in many ways. For the ‘Groupon for Women’ initiative, the similar approach was adopted to make a difference in the lives of the mothers and children in Asia to ensure that they have the chance to live life to their fullest potential.”

Groupon is Malaysia’s leading online group buying destination, and generated over 9,000 individual contributions over 12 days from Malaysians. Funds raised will be channeled to WFP nutrition work in Asia, and will mean at least 8,500 mothers and their children will receive vital food support.
Mr. Joel Neoh presents the cheque to Mr. Belkacem Benzaza, WP’s Head of UN Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) – Malaysia accompanied by Marion Caunter during the cheque presentation ceremony.

"By empowering women with food and good nutrition, Groupon Malaysia has made it so simple for Malaysians to join us in the fight against hunger and under-nutrition in Asia,” said Monica Marshall, WFP’s Deputy Director and Global Head of Private Partnerships for WFP. “For many mothers and their children across Asia, nutritious food is the building block and catalyst of theirs and their family’s future. For 50 years, WFP programmes have helped women across Asia break out of the cycle of hunger and poverty. "

Since its launch in January 2011, Groupon Malaysia has rapidly grown to become the national market leader, attracting over 1.2 million subscribers. The company has successfully established itself as a shaper of social e-commerce as more and more businesses adopt collective buying as instrumental features of their business models.
Mr. Joel Neoh, Mr. Belkacem Benzaza and Marion Caunter together with the office members of Groupon

“One year on, the power of Groupon has gone beyond the ability to just deliver amazing deals with exceptional value for money. The group buying phenomenon now empowers individuals to become a significant force collectively, and to achieve great things. This partnership with WFP is a demonstration of what can be achieved and moving forward, we at Groupon aim to do even more with WFP to ensure that we support the future of Asia,” said Neoh

Through this partnership with WFP, Groupon Malaysia has taken social e-commerce to a new level by not only providing its customers with the best life experiences possible, but also by creating a platform through which they can contribute to a worthy cause and change the lives of mothers and children in Asia with just one click.
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