Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free mobile video service by DiGi

Easy access to thousands of hours of premium content from around the world

SHAH ALAM, 25 September 2013 – As part of its ongoing strategy to enhance customers’ mobile experience with relevant digital services, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“DiGi”) has announced the availability of a special mobile video service application, Viki for DiGi. This is made possible through a collaboration with Viki, a global TV site powered by a community of fans.

Built exclusively on the Android platform for DiGi, Viki for DiGi allows customers to enjoy free first-to-view and exclusive international content, such as dramas, movies and music videos on their mobile devices. These include popular Korean dramas, Japanese Anime and music videos from renowned artists. Viki for DiGi is available for all DiGi Prepaid and Postpaid Internet Plans.

Praveen Rajan, Head of Products – Internet & Services for DiGi said: “We believe this latest collaboration with a key internet player like Viki will encourage further mobile internet adoption in the country especially with the rising popularity of Korean dramas among Malaysians. This fits well with our plans to create a pool of digital services that can provide a richer internet experience for our customers in line with our Internet For All ambition.

“With its unique feature of having thousands of hours of premium content with subtitles in almost 170 languages, Viki provides DiGi customers with easy access to content that they love without any language barriers,” he added.

By subscribing to Viki for DiGi, DiGi customers will have the privilege of viewing content that are exclusive to DiGi. For example, in the month September customers get to enjoy:
a. Latest Korean TV Drama series ‘TWO WEEKS’.
b. Music videos from top K-Pop Band BTOB, and Mariah Carey

To activate this app, customers can visit or SMS VIKI to 2016

DiGi 提供免费移动视频服务

莎亚南 9 月 25 日讯- 秉承其现行通过合时宜数码服务以提升顾客移动体验的策略,DiGi 电讯私人有限公司("DiGi")宣布推介一种特别的移动视频服务应用程序Viki for DiGi。这是与Viki,即一个由某个电视迷社区推动之全球电视网站携手呈献的。

Viki for DiGi 是独家为 DiGi 而内置于 Android平台的,让顾客们可通过他们的移动设备免费享受首播和独特的国际内容,例如电视剧,电影和音乐视频。其中包括流行的韩国电视剧,日本动画和著名艺人的音乐视频。Viki for DiGi 是献予所有的 DiGi 预付和后付互联网计划。

据DiGi 的互联网和服务主管 Praveen Rajan 透露: "我们相信这项与主要互联网业者如 Viki 进行的合作,将可鼓励国人进一步接纳移动互联网服务,尤其是在韩国电视剧日益受到马来西亚人欢迎之际。这也配合我们响应 Internet For All宏愿而创造大量数码服务,以便为顾客们提供更丰富互联网体验的计划。"

"通过其拥有数以千计优质内容和将近 170 种语文字幕的独一无二特点,Viki 可为DiGi 顾客们呈献简易访问所喜爱内容且绝无语言障碍," 他补充道。

通过签购 Viki for DiGi,DiGi的顾客就可获享 DiGi 独家呈献的观赏内容优惠。例如,顾客们可在九月份观赏:

a. 最新的韩剧 ‘TWO WEEKS’。
b. 来自顶尖 K-Pop 乐队 BTOB,以及 Mariah Carey  的音乐视频。

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