Monday, October 7, 2013

"It's still Life..." photography exhibition @ The Print Room

FOR its eighth exhibition, The Print Room breaks away from the documentary approach of its last few shows and ventures into the more technically-demanding world of still life photography. For most of the photographers, “It’s Still Life” was their first opportunity to work with an age-old visual genre that pre-dates the art of photography itself. The challenge was to grapple with an art form that has intrigued the human imagination for hundreds of years, and couple it with film photography to craft uniquely individual visions of the contemporary world.

The often-cited “test” of still life photography is that you can’t just take a picture—you have to make it. For the photographers, most of whom had worked largely with street photography, “It’s Still Life” forced them to revamp their visual instincts in order to create—detail by minute detail—the tableaus they wanted to capture. What were the elements of their pictures meant to represent? And more importantly, what narrative were they hoping to shape through their respective bodies of work?

In a process that lasted several months, the photographers scoured wet markets, long-sealed boxes containing their childhood belongings, kitchen cupboards and even street drains as they searched for ideas before working through the technical details of their shoots. The result is a compelling and occasionally subversive series of images that also takes full advantage of the subtleties of the medium of film.

“It’s Still Life” will open on Saturday 26th October 2013 at The Print Room and will run for two months.

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Weekdays by appointment

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