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October 7, 2013. KONE, one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry, today announced new innovations to make navigation through buildings ever smoother and smarter. The new KONE People Flow Intelligence suite of smart solutions is designed to guide building visitors and tenants effectively and smoothly from front entrance to desired destination, while at the same time improving building security.

“We know that property owners and developers are under increasing pressure to ensure their tenants can move around buildings as quickly and comfortably as possible, and simultaneously provide improved security and access control. At the same time, building users expect to be able to move through various public spaces smoothly and intuitively. KONE People Flow Intelligence solutions address these demands,” says Ari Virtanen, Senior Vice President for KONE Access Control and Integrated Solutions.

The KONE People Flow Intelligence portfolio includes four product areas: access control, destination guidance, information communication, and equipment monitoring. The solutions are modular, flexible, and third-party compatible, meaning building owners can either take the whole integrated package or pick and choose the solutions they want and need to complement the existing systems in their buildings.

KONE’s new access solutions can connect elevators seamlessly with all entry points in a building, including turnstiles and automatic doors, to provide maximum security while ensuring a smooth journey. Destination solutions take into account the number of people waiting to use the elevators and their destination floors when they assign and guide individual users to their assigned elevators. This improves elevator traffic handling capacity and performance, leading to less crowded elevators, shorter travel times and fewer stops.
Traditional elevator call buttons can be replaced by touchscreens in KONE’s new destination solutions. A unique destination feature is the new KONE RemoteCall™ mobile application, which allows users to call an elevator from anywhere in the building using their smartphone.

KONE’s information screens can be placed inside elevator cars or anywhere else in a building, and can be used for example to guide building users to their destination, provide information about the building, or serve as a platform for media content. KONE’s monitoring solutions enable the surveillance and configuration of elevators and escalators in real time across multiple locations. These new solutions combine industry-leading technology with state-of-the-art design. They are modular and flexible, adapting to clients’ changing needs.

KONE, an innovative leader in the elevator and escalator industry, today announced the first customer installation of its new, super-light and durable KONE UltraRope™ elevator hoisting technology at Marina Bay Sands integrated luxury resort in Singapore. The new elevator hoisting ropes were installed in a passenger elevator that travels from the ground floor to floors 34-57, or 195 meters, in Tower 3 of the hotel.

Made up of three impressive hotel towers and a spectacular Sands Sky Park that connects them, Marina Bay Sands was opened in 2010. It houses 146 KONE elevators and 10 KONE escalators, and KONE also maintains the equipment. In upgrading the steel elevator hoisting ropes to KONE UltraRope™ for one of its elevators, the resort has made a further commitment into energy efficiency and smoother people flow.
Comprised of a carbon fiber core and a unique high-friction coating, KONE UltraRope eliminates the disadvantages of conventional steel rope. It is extremely light meaning that the elevator energy consumption in high-rise buildings, such as Marina Bay Sands, can be reduced significantly. It is also extremely strong, highly resistant to wear and abrasion, and has an exceptionally long lifetime – at least twice that of conventional steel rope.

“We have had a lot of interest in KONE UltraRope globally since it was announced in June, and I am very excited that the first global installation was made here in Singapore at the impressive Marina Bay Sands, a symbol of the city and of innovative building technology. Marina Bay Sands is a pioneer in adopting state-of-the-art technology and of smart building, and it is very fitting that our first KONE UltraRope installation was made here,” said Noud Veeger, Executive Vice President and Area Director for KONE in Asia-Pacific and Middle East.
The newly-fitted KONE MiniSpace™ was taken into use in September, and will be made public in connection with the World Architecture Festival (WAF), which is held on the island state in the first week of October. KONE is a sponsor of WAF, the world’s largest festival and awards ceremony for the global architecture community, dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. The event will be held at Marina Bay Sands.



KONE通行控制与整合方案业务资深副主席Ari Virtanen 表示:“产业业主和开发商不但要确保他们的租户尽可能快速和舒适地在建筑物周围穿行,还得改善安全性和通行控制系统,因此我们能深刻体会到他们与日俱增的压力。与此同时,建筑物用户也期望能够自由顺畅地穿行各个公共空间。KONE客流智能方案满足了这些需求。”


全新的KONE通行方案能完美无瑕地连接电梯与建筑物的所有入口点,包括旋转闸门和自动门,可在提供最大安全性的同时确保旅途顺利。目的地导览方案在指派和引导个人用户到指定电梯时,会考虑等候使用电梯的人数以及他们要去的楼层。此特色提高了电梯的流量处理能力和性能,使得电梯较不拥挤,可在缩短通行时间之余,减少停靠次数。此外,全新的KONE目的地导览方案触控式荧幕,也可替代传统的电梯呼叫按钮。其独特的目的地导览功能特点——全新的KONE RemoteCall™手机应用程序,甚至可让用户可在建筑物的任何角落使用智能手机呼叫电梯。


配合世界建筑节在新加坡滨海湾金沙酒店安装首个KONE UltraRope™

全球电梯与扶梯业创新领导者 KONE今日宣布,新加坡综合豪华度假胜地滨海湾金沙酒店是首个安装新颖、超轻及耐用型KONE UltraRope™电梯曳引技术的客户。这套全新的电梯曳引绳被安装在3号酒店大楼的乘客电梯,于底楼至34-57楼之间通勤,高达195公尺。

滨海湾金沙酒店于2010年投入营业,整栋建筑由壮观的金沙空中花园将三座宏伟的酒店大楼衔接而成。它设有146部KONE电梯和十部KONE扶梯,并由KONE负责维护这些设备。为了进一步实践促进能源效益和更顺畅客流的承诺,该度假胜地决定把其中一部电梯的曳引钢绳升级成KONE UltraRope™。

KONE UltraRope™由碳纤维芯和一个独特的高耐磨涂层组成,消除了传统钢绳的缺点。其轻巧设计能让滨海湾金沙此类高层建筑大幅降低电梯耗电量。除此,它也极度耐损、耐耗且特别耐用--使用寿命是常规钢绳的至少两倍。

KONE执行副主席兼亚太与中东区域总监Noud Veeger指出:“自从KONE UltraRope™在6月推介以来,全球各地许多客户对它深感兴趣,而我非常高兴的是,全球第一个安装UltraRope™的地方就是在新加坡令人印象深刻的金海湾金沙酒店,它不仅是象征这个城市的地标,也代表了创新的建筑技术。滨海湾金沙酒店是采用此先进和智能建筑技术的先驱,我们的第一个KONE UltraRope™能在这里安装,真是再恰当不过了。”

另一方面,全新安装的KONE MiniSpace™已在9月投入使用,此技术将配合于10月第一周在这个岛国举行的世界建筑盛会公开推介。KONE是世界建筑盛会的主要赞助商——这是全球建筑业最盛大的活动和颁奖典礼,致力于庆祝和分享世界各地的优秀建筑。本届活动将在滨海湾金沙酒店举行。

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