Monday, October 7, 2013

TMS appointed by ZTESC to identify investments in ICT projects in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 3rd October 2013 - The Media Shoppe Bhd (TMS) evolves with its appointment by ZTE Supply Chain Co Ltd (ZTESC) as a strategic partner to source for potential project opportunities in Malaysia. The signing ceremony was held between Christopher Chan, CEO of TMS and Tang Hong Shun, General Manager of ZTESC today.

The signing ceremony marks the beginning of a strategic long-term partnership between TMS, a leading Malaysian technology-based company, and ZTESC, a unit of China’s telecommunications giant ZTE Corp specializing in global integrated supply chain services. Under the terms of the agreement, TMS, through its subsidiary NuOne Sdn Bhd (NuOne), will identify companies with projects or concessions granted to them but who are seeking project financing as potential opportunities for ZTESC to finance and participate in the growth of Malaysian infrastructure. The initial phase of the partnership will focus around companies that plan to embark on ICT projects especially in the Iskandar region.

As a leading global supply chain service provider, Shenzhen-based ZTESC is keen to participate and contribute to the growth and development of infrastructure and projects in developing countries thereby setting their footprint early on and participating in the nation’s growth. In order to do this, ZTESC has amassed a strong financial footing and an example of their financial capabilities was that in 2010, ZTESC supply chain platform undertook RMB100 billion of global sourcing and sales delivery.

“This strategic partnership with ZTESC allows TMS to evolve from the traditional ICT services provider and move up the value chain. Whilst still maintaining our traditional business operations, we are able to tap our experience and familiarity in executing and implementing government-related projects and create a new source of income for the TMS Group.” Christopher Chan, CEO of TMS said during the ceremony.

He further elaborated, “At the same time, we are proud to be contributing to our nation building and growth by attracting foreign participation and funding. I can envision a technologically advance Malaysia inline with our Government’s drive for higher ICT usage. We feel that ZTESC is the ideal partner having been involved directly or indirectly in the creation of smart cities throughout the world. In order to contribute to nation building, I believe we cannot be passive and wait for opportunities but proactively create them. ”

Christopher Chan, the former President and founding member of the Malaysian Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM) also touched on TMS’ role in the partnership, saying that NuOne will assist the local project owners in pre-qualifying the opportunities, especially in the area of supply chain. After assessment, TMS will propose these projects to ZTESC and if interested, all parties will work out a win-win structure to execute the project successfully. This, he hope will contribute positively to the TMS Group’s earnings thereby rewarding its shareholders for their trust and investment in the TMS Group.

He also disclosed that NuOne is already in the midst of assessing a few potential projects and are also considering partnering another foreign technology innovator in submitting a proposal to make the Iskandar Region a secured and smart city.

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