Saturday, December 14, 2013

Disney’s Club Penguin Brings Virtual World Experience to iPad

Latest mobile update brings the Club Penguin Island to iPad, along with recurring in-app subscriptions

Kuala Lumpur, December 13 – Disney’s Club Penguin, the #1 virtual world for kids, is bringing the virtual world to iPad with the latest update to the free Club Penguin app. The updated app will let players enjoy many of the same gameplay and social features found in the virtual world, allowing for a comparable experience on iPad. Additionally, the Club Penguin app will now offer recurring in-app subscriptions for the first time.

“With the launch of the virtual world experience on iPad, we bring with us nearly a decade of experience and investments in safe online play, as well as an audience of millions who have been asking us for a way to play on their mobile devices," said Chris Heatherly, head of Club Penguin. “By offering simple, ongoing subscriptions within the app, we're making it easy and comfortable for parents to pay for the experience their kids love.”
Beginning this week, Club Penguin will roll out the map from the online virtual world on mobile and regularly add new locations, which will expand the online experience available via the app. In these new areas, penguins will be able to hangout and role play like they do online, and for the first time, teleport directly to other rooms, their igloos or wherever their friends are playing in the app.
Additionally, parents will now have the option of purchasing optional recurring monthly memberships within the app, which work across the online and app environments.  Since launching the first companion app in May, it has become a significant driver of new accounts, with one-third of new Club Penguin accounts now coming from the app.  
The Club Penguin app update includes:
Addition of the world map with frequent location and content updates
Recurring in-app subscriptions
Increased socialization, including locations such as the Town, Dance Club, Clothes Shop, and Coffee Shop where up to 40 penguins can interact
New games, including Pizzatron 3000 and Smoothie Smash designed for mobile play
Teleporting to friends, in-app
The app contains the same safety technologies and industry leading chat systems found in the virtual world.
Club Penguin is available for free for iPad on the iTunes App Store at:

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