Friday, December 13, 2013


With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to up your social game. The good news is WeChat can help. From meeting new people to staying connected with friends, WeChat is an all in one social communication app and your personal social sidekick.

Here are five easy ways to make new friends with WeChat.

Scan to Connect
Say you’re at a party grooving to your favorite remix of Frosty the Snowman when out of nowhere you lock eyes with a fellow merrymaker across the room. After some casual convo and a brief moment under the mistletoe it’s time to pop that tricky question, “Can I get your number?” But wait, you have WeChat and WeChat has a QR code scanner. And just like a snowflake every QR code is unique. So you can add your new friend’s info to your contacts with one easy scan. Just click the “Scan QR Code” icon in the Discover tab. It’s that easy. Not to mention safer than giving out your number and a whole lot less awkward.

Shake Your Friend-Maker
This season extend your good wishes to millions of people around the world with an electronic greeting. It’s all the holiday cheer of a regular card, minus the embarrassing family photo. Simply shake your phone to connect with other WeChat users who are shaking their phones at the same time. Then add them to your contacts and start chatting. Best of all, every time a phone shakes an angel get its wings. Okay, not really. But they might get a new friend.

Instant Party, Just Add Guest List
With WeChat’s People Nearby feature, you can create a guest list as quickly as your holiday party play list. Whether at work or at school or wherever, simply select the “People Nearby” icon in the Discover menu and see everyone else around you currently on WeChat. Then add them to your contact list and invite away. Not the host?  No problem. You can still use People Nearby to stay connected with fellow partygoers. So the party never stops unless you want it to. In that case, just customize WeChat’s privacy settings to control who can see you and when.

Save Face, with your Face
Okay, so you can’t be home for Christmas. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your presence felt. With WeChat video messaging, you’ll be the guest of honor. Plus you’ll be in and out before Uncle Don starts making his eggnog-induced inappropriate comments. Just send your brother a WeChat video message and have him take you on the familial rounds. Let Aunt Bea know how much you love that ironic sweater she sent you. It was ironic, right? Then laugh at that same elf joke Grandpa Frank’s been telling you since you were six. And finally, tell your Mom you can almost smell her famous Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. Guilt trip cancelled, well, more likely temporarily delayed.

Keep it Together
Well, the Christmas holiday with the girlfriend was a smashing success, thanks in no small part to WeChat. But now you’re back home, and looking to hook up with your boys for some New Year’s shenanigans. And surprise, surprise, it’s WeChat for the win. With WeChat you have unlimited texting. You can locate buddies through Gmail, and you can set up Group Chats so you’re sure your crew is always on the same page. Not to mention WeChat has a rock, paper, scissors game that will help you decide who has to wear the diaper as Baby New Year’s.

Don’t let the Holiday’s get the best of you. WeChat is your own super hero-style holiday utility belt. Download it today!

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