Thursday, November 29, 2012

ABS’ Solution Center to Boost Oracle Partners’ Market Reach

Oracle local partners get technology facilities to help minimize risk, costs and shorten deployment time of new business solutions

Kuala Lumpur, November 29, 2012 – Leading local ICT distribution house Applied Business Systems Sdn Bhd (ABS), today announced the official opening of ABS’ Solution Center - located in Kuala Lumpur, for Oracle partners in Malaysia.

ABS’ Solution Center is a dedicated Center of Excellence for Oracle partners to access a wide range of Oracle technologies and solutions and product specialists with functional and technical expertise.
ABS is a subsidiary of publicly listed Formis Resources Berhad (under the “Technology” sector of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad), and a Platinum level Value-added Distributor of Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

The ABS’ Solution Center also serves as a hub to help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) to deliver the unique value of Oracle technologies to new and existing customers - in the area of solution development, migration, testing assistance, product demonstrations and proof-of-concept (PoC) development.

The full spectrum of Oracle technologies such as maximum availability architecture, data integration and replication, new software versions testing, virtualization and, server and storage refresh or consolidation, will also be available for customers and partners.

Danny Chiam, Chief Operating Officer of ABS says, “The ABS’ Solution Center can be very useful as it helps us to communicate the business value of Oracle technologies and stay competitive across any rapidly-changing IT environment. By leveraging on Oracle’s technologies, tools and support, we can reduce sales cycles and uncover new and high-value opportunities.”

Jimmy Cheah, Managing Director, Oracle Malaysia says, “ABS’ Solution Center will help partners capitalize on emerging business opportunities. This state-of-the art facility that will enable our partners and mutual customers to deepen their understanding of the business value delivered through Oracle technologies.”
To date, ABS’ Solution Center has helped to certify three Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)’ solutions to Oracle technologies - namely QR Retail Automation Sdn Bhd, TriAset Sdn Bhd and Cyber Village Sdn Bhd.

With this new facility, ABS looks forward to helping more ISVs build their application on a robust and enterprise-class technology to reach out to high-end customers; and at the same time minimize the cost and reduce the risks for System Integrators to do Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and product testing.


吉隆坡,29日讯 - 当地领先的科技系统供应商Applied Business Systems Sdn Bhd (ABS),今天宣布其ABS解决方案中心(ABS Solution Center)位于大马吉隆坡正式开幕。

ABS是Formis Resources Berhad (位于Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad的科技栏),和一个Oracle合作伙伴网(Oracle Partner Network ,OPN)白金级的分销商。

ABS解决方案中心是一个专门为Oracle合作伙伴而设的卓越中心, 让他们能够寻求Oracle技术和解决方案及产品功能和技术专长的咨询。

ABS解决方案中心也将作为一个枢纽以帮助独立软件供应商(Independent Software Vendors,ISVs)和系统集成商(Systems Integrators,SIs)把Oracle科技的独特价值带给其为新的和现有的客户群.

ABS营运总监Danny Chiam表示,“ABS”解决方案中心是非常有用的,因为它可以帮助我们传达Oracle技术的商业价值与我们的客户和保持我们在市场的竞争力。通过运用Oracle科技和系统,我们可以缩短销售周期,并能有更多的时间找寻新的和高价值的商机。”


至今,ABS已帮助了三位独立软件供应商(ISV)认证他们的解决方案予Oracle科技平台 - 即是QR Retail Automation Sdn Bhd, TriAset Sdn Bhd 和Cyber Village Sdn Bhd.

有了此项新的设施,ABS期待能帮助更多的独立软件开发商建立一个强大的企业级科技应用;同时降低的系统集成商做证明(Proof of Concepts,POCS)和产品测试的成本和风险。

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