Monday, December 3, 2012

What is interesting in the "cloud" market?

The other day I found an interesting solution in the Single Sign Оn to the Internet.

This is the Identity and Access Management solution, which called EZLogin, and it's available as a service (SaaS).

I've little tested it, the more so because the solution has a test-period (by the way, the beta version is free). I've decided to share with you my impressions.

EZLogin offers following the comforts of use:

• Launch all apps directly from EZLogin without any other logins.
• No need to long-time and complex settings.
• Available both for external and internal cloud services.
• Opportunities to buy, manage, suspend and renew your subscriptions to SaaS from EZlogin.

Let's discuss each of them.

First of all, the launch all apps are provided via Single Sign On technology. With the help of this technology, a user logs in once to the service EZLogin and gains access to all applications without any credentials to each application.

It's really good. You can see a list of the applications from the catalog.
Upon initial entry to the application (trying to McAfee) the service requires a password and login, but at another entrance, no additional passwords are required. It's really easy.

In my opinion, this is particularly important for companies that use many different applications. Of course, single sign-on requires an increased focus on the protection of the user credentials. Therefore EZLogin provides the access to apps in conjunction with strong authentication like OTP (one-time will be launchedpassword). It can be through e-mail or by mobile phone.

Another advantage is the lack of long-time and complex setting. Yes, the service is simple, and has a special section HOW TO with some instructions, and Support for customer questions.

EZLogin is open to add new applications. So it's in future, concerning the service for both internal and external applications. Companies can cooperate to EZLogin.

Opportunities to buy, manage, suspend and renew your subscriptions to SaaS from EZlogin will be launched before the New Year. I will check for updates of the service.

Overall, the service left a positive impression. The idea is interesting.
If the service has all claimed functions, it can be very promising and will turn a convenient product for a business audience.

Try the beta version of EZLogin here.

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