Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The hottest Mobile SNS is finally here!

Connect Your Real Life Groups with LINE’s Latest Family Apps: LINE BAND and LINE Play! 

After achieving 5 million users only within five months of release, LINE BAND is finally going global to continue the momentum
LINE revolutionizes the nature of mobile SNS to create a private channel where real life relationships are facilitated as a group
LINE Play is also launched to provide a fun avatar communication service, further enhancing LINE’s Smartphone Life Platform

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (February 20, 2013) – LINE, the world’s leading mobile messaging platform, today announced the global launch of LINE BAND, a private mobile group app that provides exclusive Social Network Space to efficiently facilitate and manage real-life relationships as a group. Optimizing mobile use to an unprecedented level, LINE BAND enables users to freely share life stories and plan gatherings for different social groups through convenient features such as bulletin boards, gallery and poll.
Based on its unique service features that are private, efficient and easy-to-use, LINE BAND successfully achieved 5 million users only within five months of release in mainly Korea and Japan.

Simeon Cho, General Manager of LINE Business Office said, “Recently, LINE BAND’s user number exploded by 1 million in just about 10 days. More than 75% of the users begin using the app on an invitation-basis, illustrating how this tremendous growth was based on the power of word-of-mouth. Consequently, we gained confidence to introduce LINE BAND globally.”
He added, “We’re seeking to create a Smartphone Life Platform, where LINE assists users in every aspect of their daily lives. LINE BAND is the perfect addition to this, allowing users to connect their real life social groups online while being a big step in bringing our Smartphone Life Platform to all Malaysians.”

A private mobile group exclusively created for your real life social group!
LINE BAND offers a unique and private mobile networking space for the group to stay connected by sharing and archiving personal content without worrying about privacy settings or overloading everyone with excessive information. Keep in close touch with relatives living abroad by sharing family events, or post fun party photos from the weekend without accidentally showing them to your boss.
Super Easy Join & Invite! BAND doesn’t require unnecessary information to join. After joining & creating a BAND, simply invite your social group members via LINE, SMS and other mobile messengers.
Customize Your Band! Design and decorate your BAND cover to illustrate your group’s unique characteristics.
Share Your Stories! Write news on the bulletin board, share photos on gallery, or just talk together in the chat room.
Post & Store Content! Share multimedia files including photos (Max. 10 photos at a time), videos (Max. 1 GB or 15-minutes-long) and even large files (Max. 5 files of 4 GB at a time). All large files in MS Office format can be previewed directly and photos can be categorized under an album for convenient retrieval.

Planning with a group has never been easier!
LINE BAND enables one-stop planning with all BAND members by providing convenient and efficient features to organize offline gatherings. No more scrolling through past messages to figure out everyone’s preferences!
Conduct a Poll! All BAND members can vote for their preferred date and place of gathering to find a schedule that works for everyone.
Convenient Schedule Management! The smartphone-integrated group calendar enables users to save all important dates from members’ birthdays, anniversaries and planned meetings.
The Ultimate Address Book! Even if you don’t have everyone’s phone number saved on your mobile device, you can find it all in the Address Book.

LINE users can conveniently download LINE BAND by checking out ‘Channel’ under ‘More’ tab on their LINE messenger.

LINE Play creates a customizable world of freedom and fun online!

Together with LINE BAND, LINE Play was also globally released. LINE Play is an avatar communication service where users can create custom avatars and interact with LINE friends and other users from all over the globe. With LINE Play, users can embrace freedom of expression by decorating their rooms and designing their avatars, as well as enjoying communication within the smartphone avatar community. This fun and interactive service achieved 2 million users in Japan within two months of release. LINE Play is now available free on Android and iOS smartphones.
For more information, please visit the following websites:
LINE Play:

一个专为联系家人与朋友的通讯平台──LINE BAND全球正式推出

LINE BAND在推出后五个月已突破五百万用户,以势如破竹气势正式开放于 全球用户使用
LINE Play亦以有趣的虚拟角色同步推出服务,进一步强化LINE 数码生活平台服务。

马来西亚,吉隆坡(2013年2月20日) - 全球领先的流动讯息及社交网络服务LINE供应商NHN Corporation正式在全球推出LINE BAND服务。该私人流动群组应用程式为用户提供独家社交网络通讯空间,让用户可以即时在群组内交朋结友。透过这种全方位流动技术,LINE BAND能够让用户在群组内自由分享生活点滴及社交活动计划,用户甚至可以在流动平台上发布重要讯息、分享图片及进行投票等。

借着透过提供各种为用户度身订造、效能强大兼且易用的功能。于五个月前,LINE BAND在日本及韩国推出后已录得五百万下载量。大受两地用户欢迎。

LINE BAND营业部总经理,Simeon Cho表示:“在最近十天,LINE BAND的用户人数急增一百万人。有超过75%的用户是透过经由用户邀请而加入成为新用户,反映出LINE BAND用户口碑效应。我们亦因此对于把这项服务推向全球充满 信心。”

他补充说,“我们正在寻求建立一个智能手机的生活平台,其中LINE BAND将可以协助用户日常生活的每一个方面。LINE BAND是一个完美的辅助,它允许用户通过上网把他们的现实生活和社会群体联系起来,同时把我们的智能手机生活平台推荐给所有的马来西亚人更是我们的 一大迈进。”


LINE BAND为用户提供了一个独一无二的私人流动网络空间,同时亦可让用户分享及储存私人讯息而无需担心私稳设定或会否向有人发放太多垃圾讯息的问题。LINE BAND可让用户与亲朋好友紧密联系并同时可互相分享家庭活动讯息,又或者可张贴假日的派对活动而不需担心相片会落入老板以至陌生人的手中。

- 超容易加入和邀请!LINE BAND可让用户自行邀请同侪好友加入而不需填写任何额外的资料。用户在加入及创造自家频道后,便可以轻易透过LINE、SMS或其他流动迅讯程式邀请加入阁下的群组之中。
- 自行设计您的的BAND群组!用户甚至可以自行设计及装饰BAND群组的封面,以便可在众多讨论群组中建立鲜明的形象。
- 分享您的故事!在留言版上更新讯息,又或者在网络上分享图片以及自行创建私人聊天室,以便可以谈天说地而不受外界干扰。
- 发放和储存内容!尚在多媒体内容,包括相片(最多可同时上载10张相片)、视像档案(容量约1GB或15分钟的影片)以至更大的档案(最多可同时上载5个档案或4GB资料)。所有以Microsoft Office格式的档案都可以在LINE BAND内直接预览,而用户亦可将相片自行分类及设定相簿以便随时存取。

LINE BAND提供各种强劲及效能超卓的功能,可让群组内的会员轻松自行规划各种聚会。让用户毋须翻查旧讯息就可轻易知道每个群组用户的喜好!

- 发起投票活动!LINE BAND用户可自行发起各种有趣的投票活动!凡遇到任何重要活动或决策,所有LINE BAND群组会员皆可自行进行投票,以决定最佳活动举行时间。
- 方便的活动管理功能!与智能手机群组日历整合,让用户可以将群组内用户的生日日期、周年纪念日及会议完全纪录下来,不会再出现挂万漏一情况。
- 提供强劲的地址簿功能!即使您并未将所有亲朋友好的电话储存在手机当中,用户亦可在LINE BAND中自行提取有关资料。

LINE注册用户可以轻易下载LINE BAND,同时在LINE Channel内检查LINE BAND的上线情况。

LINE Play创造一个自由和充满乐趣并自我定义的世界!
除了LINE BAND以外,NHN亦在全球同步推出LINE Play,这个智能手机应用程式能够提供Avatar虚拟角色通讯服务,并且能够与来自全球的LINE友进行互动交流。透过LINE Play,用户可以充份发挥他们的天马行空想像力,设计自己独一无二的虚拟角色及与其他好有通讯互动,用户唯一担心的恐怕便是自己的创意不足,无法创作一个完美的虚拟角色吧!这个充满互动乐趣的服务于日本推首两个月已录得两百万登记用户,相信今后用户可发挥更佳的创意,让整个通讯过程变得更多姿多彩。 LINE Play将会同时推出Android及iOS版本供不同型号的智能手机用户使用。

LINE Play:

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