Sunday, June 23, 2013

Exabytes Calls for Submission for Nationwide Video Contest!

RM9,000 Cash Prizes to promote creativity in online business amongst mobile users

Kuala Lumpur, 19 June 2013 – Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd (‘Exabytes’), Malaysia’s largest web hosting provider, today launches its online cash prize video contest that is immediately opens for all Malaysians to take part.  

As part of Exabytes’ ‘OnlineLah Tauke!’ campaign, the contest urges any Malaysian mobile user to create video (not more than 5 minutes) that creatively demonstrates the benefits of doing business online.

Mr Chan Kee Siak, Founder & CEO of Exabytes Networks.

Note: ‘OnlineLah Tauke!’ is a company-led campaign to create awareness amongst SMBs on the importance of setting up online presence. The catchy campaign name ‘OnlineLah Tauke!’ is a Malaysian slang expression which means “Let’s Go Online, Boss!”.

Chan Kee Siak, CEO and founder of Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, shares that the objective of the contest is to encourage ‘traditional, offline’ businesses to break through to explore the wide range of new opportunities available by going online so as to be engaged in eCommerce.

“The submissions to Exabytes's video contest should be meaningful and humorous, but yet focus on how websites, ecommerce platforms and social media are helping traditional business to grow online by highlighting its core benefits.”

“OnlineLah Tauke!” Video Contest Details

Contestants are required to use only their mobile phones to shoot a video clip with a storyline that drives the awareness of “OnlineLah Tauke!”, upload it onto Youtube and finally to visit the “OnlineLah Tauke!” website to complete the participation form for a chance to win the cash prizes.

The contest is eligible for Malaysians or residents of Malaysia from all age groups. Its closing deadline is 30th July 2013. To find out more about the video contest, please visit

The winners shall be announced via the website and email by 25 August 2013 for the first prize@ RM 5,000, second prize@ RM 2,500, third prize @ RM 1,000 and a mystery prize that comes with RM 500 cash.

Updates on “OnlineLah Tauke!” Campaign

“Launched two months ago, “OnlineLah Tauke!” has made significant impacts in the Malaysia SME landscape. We are seeing more and more entrepreneurs expressing their interests to have an online presence.”

Chan further adds that under the “Get Malaysian Business Online” (GMBO) program initiated by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), many Exabytes customers have already received the RM1, 000 incentive to offset their online startup costs to own a website, a business domain and emails accounts.

This video contest is another effort specially put together for video-making enthusiasts or ‘YouTubers’ to promote their creative works for a tangible reward.

“The contest is also a wakeup call for new Gen-Y and Gen-Z to explore the real possibility of themselves being business entrepreneurs in the digital world,” ends Chan.



吉隆坡,19日讯, - Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd (‘Exabytes’),全马最大的网站托管服务提供商,今天公开网上现金奖手机视频制作比赛。 此竞赛公开于全马公民参加。 

作為Exabytes ‘OnlineLahTauke!’ 活動的其中一个项目,此次大赛敦促马来西亚手机用户利用創意制作有关網络生意的好处的手机短片。 短片须不超过5分钟。  

注:‘OnlineLahTauke!’ 是一项公司的主導活動,主要目的是为了創建中小企業对設立網站的重要性的意识。 



“OnlineLah Tauke!”视频制作比赛详情 

参赛者只需使用本身的手机拍摄的有关视频,把它上传上自身的YouTube户口,最后,登入“OnlineLah Tauke!”网页并填妥其参赛表格, 以获得赢取现金奖的机会。 


获奖者将在8月25日通过网站和电子邮件获得通知。 首奖@马币五千零,次奖@马币两千五百零吉,第三奖@马币一千零吉1000令吉,以及马币五百令吉的神秘现金奖。 

“OnlineLah Tauke!” 活动更新 

“在两个月前推出的“OnlineLah Tauke!” 活动已在本地获得中小型企业热烈的响应, 纷纷开始设立网络业务。“ 

“在馬來西亞通訊及多媒體委員會(MCMC)的“馬來西亞商業網络業務在線”计划推动下,Exabytes已有一些客户已获得 RM1000的事業補助金来设立公司网站或网上生意。“ 


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