Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Founder Institute and Effective Measure team to support Singapore and Malaysia’s startup sector

Effective Measure extends digital media planning solutions to World’s largest Startup Accelerator

MALAYSIA, 11 June 2013 - Effective Measure is supporting the growth of the South East Asian entrepreneurial technology sector in a unique regional alliance with the Founder Institute, a global startup accelerator.

 Effective Measure is the Australian founded, leading provider of digital media planning solutions and online measurement in emerging markets and is bolstering the startup communities of Singapore and Malaysia in tandem with the local chapters of the Founder Institute.

 The Founder Institute, created by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, has a remit to globalize the innovation of Silicon Valley by fostering local startup ecosystems in promising markets internationally. As part of its global plans, the Founder Institute aims to assist in the launch of 1,000 technology companies in over 50 cities worldwide.

 In order to support the digital measurement needs of emerging startups, Effective Measure is providing founders of the Founder Institute in Malaysia and Singapore free access to the Brand and Audience digital measurement and analytics solution. The offer is open to all selected members of the Founder Institute mentoring program for 12 months.

Founder Institute Malaysia, Director, Heislyc Loh said, "we trust the partnership with Effective Measure will benefit Founder Institute members in many ways, especially on actionable insights and measurable outcomes. Equipping our founders with the best resources to get the most out of their own digital assets gives them a competitive edge right from the inception of their journey. As they evolve, Effective Measure’s insights will prove invaluable to tailoring their offering into the next phase of growth."

 Founder Institute startups will be able to utilise Effective Measure’s comprehensive dashboard which aggregates the online data of their digital assets, allowing for a deeper understanding of their audience and consumer behaviour across site, section and cross platform content. The solution also provides assessment of the qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of advertising campaigns and includes mobile and tablet segmentation.

 "Like the Founder Institute, Effective Measure is committed to supporting the growth of the digital industry across the region. Our shared values have resulted in a partnership that signifies a great opportunity for us to provide detailed insights to the next generation of digital specialists. The exciting array of features on offer will allow entrepreneurs to capture real data that will help consolidate their business plans and revenue streams as they look to take the next steps in their development," said Effective Measure Commercial Director - Malaysia & Singapore, Tom Hogg.

 Singapore and Malaysia are emerging as hotbeds of tech startup activity in Asia as software, mobile app and internet entrepreneurs invest in developing the next generation of technological innovations for businesses and consumers. Support by the government and the private sector in both markets has created a solid technology, talent and financial pool which provides an ideal springboard for expansion in the region for both home-grown and international companies.

 In over the 3 years of operation, Founder Institute has helped launch over 750 technology companies in over 40 cities worldwide.

 “As a provider of digital measurement and data analytics solutions, Effective Measure takes pride in assisting in the development of a vibrant digital media ecosystem where innovation is core to the growth of the emerging information economy. By providing support to digital startups at inception we can provide them with the world class data solutions and resources that will enable them to take on opportunities for local expansion and establish a strong foothold for market expansion and business growth internationally,” said Effective Measure Country Managing Director Singapore, Sammy Elazab.

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