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DiGi customers raked in over RM800,000 in cash & prizes

DiGi Prepaid Menang Besar Reload Contest wraps up

SHAH ALAM, 29 June 2013 – Over RM800,000 were given away to customers of DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“DiGi”) during the seven-week contest that ran from 6 May – 23 June 2013. At the grand finale held at DiGi head office today, a showdown among the top seven (7) weekly winners was organised to ascertain the grand prize winner of the DiGi Prepaid Menang Besar Reload contest, whereby the RM100,000 cash prize was up for grabs.

The seven contestants hailed from all over Malaysia with the eldest being 65 years old from Sentul, Kuala Lumpur and the youngest, 21 years old from Georgetown, Penang. At the showdown finale, each contestant was placed in individual foam pits to ensure the young and old were on equal footing at the final challenge. All they had to do was collect as many yellow balls as possible in 2 minutes.

Mohd Shafiq Bin Mubashhir, 26 with Ting Shiew Han, DiGi’s Head of Products – Consumer & Business.

When the final whistle blew, Mohd Shafiq Bin Mubashhir, 26 from Shah Alam emerged as the winner of the grand prize of RM100,000. He will be using his prize earnings by treating his family on a Europe trip and saving the balance to grow his business.

Said Ting Shiew Han, Head of Products - Consumer & Business for DiGi: “Customers’ response to the campaign has been encouraging due to the simple contest mechanics. The contest is just one of many ways DiGi undertakes to engage with customers. We had ensured that the contest mechanics were simple and easy to qualify, as we wanted to reward as many customers as possible for choosing DiGi.
All seven contestants in action to collect as many yellow balls as possible to win the grand prize of up to RM100,000 in cash.

“Our Menang Besar cruisers travelled nationwide and stopped to reward qualified customers in both East and West Malaysia with exclusive premiums. This was in addition to the smartphones and cash prizes for the daily and weekly winners respectively.”

The DiGi Prepaid Menang Besar Reload contest was open to all DiGi Prepaid customers from 6 May – 23 June 2013, offering daily and weekly winners hundreds of smartphones and cash. The five (5) Daily and three (3) Weekly Winners were selected based on every 100,000th reload and upon correctly answering questions about DiGi. Customers only need to reload at least RM10.00 to be selected for the daily prizes of Samsung Galaxy Note II, and at least RM30.00 to contend for the weekly cash prizes of up to RM15,000.

The list of winners are published here:

DiGi 顾客们赢得超过 RM800,000 的现金和奖品
DiGi 预付 Menang Besar 加额竞赛圆满结束

莎亚南 6 月 29 日讯 – DiGi 电讯私人有限公司("DiGi")的顾客在一项由 2013 年 5 月 6 日举行至 6 月 23 日的七周竞赛中赢得超过 RM800,000。在今天于 DiGi 总部举行的总决赛中,七(7)位每周最佳优胜者参加一项大对决,以确定DiGi 预付Menang Besar 加额竞赛的钜奖优胜者,并赢取 RM100,000 现金奖。

这七位参赛者来自全马来西亚各地,包括最年长者 65 岁,来自吉隆坡冼都和最年轻者 21 岁,来自槟城乔治市。在这场总决赛中,各参赛者皆得进入一个泡沫池,以确保年长和年轻者拥有相同的机会在最终挑战中获胜。他们只需在 2 分钟内尽可能捞取更多黄球。

在哨子声响起后,来自莎阿南的莫哈末沙菲(译音), 26岁脱颖而出成为钜奖优胜者和赢取 RM100,000 现金。他将利用部分奖金与其家人到欧洲一游,及将其余奖金储存及用以生意投资。

DiGi 消费人及商家产品组主管陈守汉透露: “由于竞赛机制十分简单,顾客们对这项活动的反应令人鼓舞。这项竞赛是 DiGi 努力接触顾客的众多方式之一。我们也确保竞赛机制简单又容易符合参赛资格,这是因为我们希望尽可能酬谢更多选择 DiGi 的顾客。“

“我们 Menang Besar 巡游卡车的行踪遍布全国各地,并覆盖东马和西马以赠送各种独家赠品予符合资格的顾客。这还未包括每日和每周奖品,即智能手机和先进呢。”

DiGi 预付Menang Besar 加额竞赛是于 2013 年 5 月 6 日至 6 月 23 日开放予所有 DiGi 预付顾客参加,并赠送数以百计智能手机和现金奖 - 总额高达 RM1 百万,予每日和每周优胜者。每天五(5)位和每周三(3)位优胜者将因为进行第 100,000 次加额和正确回答与 DiGi 有关的问题而赢奖。顾客们只需加额至少 RM10.00 就有机会赢得每日奖,即 Samsung Galaxy Note II,加额至少 RM30.00 者则有机会赢得高达 RM15,000 的每周现金奖。


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