Monday, July 22, 2013

Powa Technologies acquires leading fashion blogging group, Aigua Media

Leading fashion blogs including Catwalk Queen, Kiss and Makeup and Shoewawa now part of visionary everythingCommerce group

Powa Technologies Ltd., the visionary ‘everythingCommerce’ platform providing mobile and eCommerce solutions, has acquired fashion blogging portfolio Aigua Media in a major deal that will see the company expand its footprint in web publishing and social media to support over 200 corporate clients currently served.

The acquisition, which will see Aigua Media become Powa Media, will involve Aigua being incorporated into Powa Technologies’ professional services group. It will enable Aigua’s sizeable readership of millions of women and influential titles to benefit the household name brands that Powa Technologies represents, including Hoover, Electrolux and Harper Collins by boosting the profile of their products.

Aigua Media has an impressive set of prominent blog titles including the world renowned blog pioneer – Catwalk Queen and other well-known titles such as OSOYOU, Kiss and Makeup, The Bag Lady and Shoewawa. The collection of sites that cover everything from fashion, shoes, beauty and lifestyle feature the latest trends and products aimed at stylish women. By working with top level advertisers and partners, they are able to bring the message of new or exciting items to the masses. As Powa Media, the blogging portfolio will continue this powerful way for brands to be seen by discerning consumers.

Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, said, “Blogging has become an important part of driving commerce and is now a key route for brands to interact with shoppers. Aigua’s extraordinary set of titles attract millions of visitors to its sites and its social media channels, particularly Twitter. Powa Technologies will be leveraging this traffic for our customers in a way that exemplifies the new model of shopping and consumer interaction.”

Powa Technologies’ current portfolio includes the Powa eCommerce tool that enables brands to create online shopping sites, and mPowa – the innovative mobile payment solution, which was the first in the UK to turn a mobile phone into a till. Both have recently made significant deals with key clients globally in their own right.

Dan continued, “This, together with our ground-breaking eCommerce and mobile point of sale solutions, will provide our clients with a robust and scalable way to translate hype into sales, delivering real term results and visibility. We are delighted to welcome Aigua Media into the stable of Powa solutions and I am confident it will become an instrumental part of our portfolio that creates value. We have long led the way in helping our customers to do more than just simply trade online. It’s time to embrace the blogging, online conversation and digital engagement into the Commerce mix in a meaningful way.”

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