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KUALA LUMPUR, July 11, 2013 – Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn or Instagram ensure better success of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) campaigns as they are able to create broader awareness and, more importantly, drive actions, said Tengku Farith Rithauddeen, Group CEO of SKALI.

“Social media can communicate the results and performance of a CSR campaign in real time allowing key audiences to engage with the company in their own terms and time, as opposed to an annual CSR report that captures only a certain period of time,” added Tengku Farith.

SKALI staff clearing up the rubbish around the ramp leading to DUKE Highway, in front of Menara Sentul, during the gotong royong recently.

Tengku Farith said this during a gotong royong by SKALI staff recently to clean-up the areas surrounding Menara Sentul where their office is situated at.

The event, participated by around 100 staff was the kick-off of SKALI’s one month-long CSR activity called ‘A Cleaner KL’, where the company will respond to reports made by the public via the social media - regarding cleanliness-related issues such as garbage being dumped along roadsides or at bus-stops, etc.

Held as part of the recent World Environment Day celebrations, the campaign would also be collecting as many reusable items as possible to help the local authority in its recycling campaign.
Clearing up the road-side.  SKALI staff cleaning up the rubbish dumped along Jalan Sentul (in front of Menara Sentul) during the gotong royong recently.

“Apart from reporting the situation to us via the designated social media, the public would also need to indicate the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates so that we could quickly inform DBKL or any other related agencies for their immediate actions or for us to organise another round of gotong royong if needed be at a later stage,” said Tengku Farith.

A dedicated Facebook ( and Twitter (@acleanerkl) accounts have been created to allow the public to make their reports and also post photos to make it easier for SKALI and the related authority to access the situation.

“Social media will allow companies to engage with a following of people on a personal level, allowing them to monitor performance and share relevant information on issue related to the CSR campaigns that would allow for expansion and improvement.

“It provides companies with an influential, built-in network of passionate people that become followers of what they are doing and in order to build and keep them involved is by making the social media active, always with updated and transparent information, and deploying a fun, creative way for them to participate and share with their online friends.

“Thus social media should be at the forefront of any CSR campaign strategy as through such social forums, members of the public can feel truly connected and engaged with the CSR efforts,” said Tengku Farith.

Speaking on SKALI’s ‘A Cleaner KL’ initiative, Tengku Farith said that apart from fulfilling its social obligation, the company is executing this to showcase how an IT company is utilizing its social media capability in doing CSR.

“We are looking at covering as many places in Kuala Lumpur as possible and also get as many relevant authorities to be involved.

“We sincerely hope that our contribution will help maintain the good image of Kuala Lumpur and at the same time would appreciate the co-operation of the public to keep the city clean by reporting to us on any uncollected rubbish or dirty areas that need immediate attention,” said Tengku Farith.


(吉隆坡12日讯)SKALI集团首席执行员Tengku Farith Rithauddeen指出,社交媒体如面子书、Twitter、优管 (Youtube)、Linkedln和Instagram是现今宣传企业社会责任活动的渠道,皆因社交媒体能够提倡醒觉和鼓催行动。


Tengku Farith出席了由SKALI集团主办的Menara Sentul和周围地区大扫除运动时,如是指出。




SKALI开设了指定的面子书(和Twitter (@acleanerkl)户口,让公众针对举报投诉,上载照片,方面SKALI和其他政府机构采取行动。



Tengku Farith说:“社交媒体应该是主导企业社会责任运动的最前线,透过这些社交平台,公众将全程参与企业社会责任运动。”

针对SKALI集团旗下的“打造干净的吉隆坡”,Tengku Farith指出,作为科技公司,SKALI集团履行社会责任之余,也展示如何透过科技善用网络媒体的能力,达致成功的企业社会责任活动。



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