Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Intelligent Entity Is Born: Enlogic and SJ Manufacturing Malaysia join the fight to reduce energy consumption in the data centre

22 August 2013– Kuala Lumpur - Enlogic, a global intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU) manufacturer, today announced its first OEM partnership, with SJ Manufacturing Malaysia.

The partnership will enable SJ Malaysia, a leading local enclosure system manufacturer, to broaden its rack offering with integrated smart energy metering capabilities from Enlogic’s 4th generation intelligent PDUs. This complete data centre hardware solution will allow customers to accurately monitor their power consumption – a crucial factor in the fight to reduce energy consumption.

Eddie Desouza, head of business operations APAC, Enlogic.

The newly embedded intelligence will also be able to monitor environmental conditions, so that the cooling of hot aisles in a data centre can be better managed – approximately 50 per cent of a data centre’s energy consumption is spent on cooling.

With Malaysia expected to cut subsidies and raise electricity tariffs to normal market prices by 2016 , local businesses will need to take stock of their energy consumption and devise ways of lowering it.

Eddie Desouza, head of business operations APAC for Enlogic says, “Enlogic’s decision to sign an OEM partnership with a Malaysian company was driven by the strong growth of local players in the data centre industry, such as CSF Group and FREENET, and the government’s continued support of the industry.”

In a speech delivered on 16th January, the Malaysian Minister of Human Resources, Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam said that the local data centre industry pulled in RM400 million or higher in revenue in 2012 and is expected to bring in RM480 million in 2013 .
Khoo Boon Yap, Managing Director of SJ Malaysia.

Eddie adds, “We are excited to be working with SJ Malaysia as they are a key player in Malaysia in the production and distribution of racks. As a prominent local company, they bring valuable insights on the needs of customers in the peninsula.”

“As PDUs and server racks have a symbiotic relationship, we look forward to seeing some new innovations coming into fruition through this OEM partnership. Who knows what other ideas may come to life.”

Managing Director of SJ Malaysia, Mr Khoo Boon Yap says, “One of the main reasons we decided to partner with Enlogic is their commitment to meeting companies’ power distribution needs as well as their expertise on the energy utilisation at the rack level and environmental aspects of running a data centre.”

 “We hope that this partnership will help local data centre space providers to adopt greener, more environmentally friendly solutions.”

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