Monday, September 23, 2013

SEEBURGER Partners BPM Consulting to Penetrate into Singapore, Sri Lanka and India markets

Embraces strong SAP solution consulting and implementation capabilities for strategic territory expansions  
KUALA LUMPUR/SINGAPORE, 20 September 2013– SEEBURGER, a global leading business integration and enterprise class Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions provider, today announces its strategic alliance with Singapore-based BPM Consulting Pte. Ltd. (‘BPM Consulting’) to offer secured B2B communication and file transfer solutions in Singapore, Sri Lanka and India.

James Hatcher, Regional Director of SEEBURGER Asia Pacific says, “Leveraging Malaysia as the heart of its business operation in Asia, SEEBURGER continues to actively seek synergistic partners to drive our business growth in this region.”

“Partnering with BPM Consulting allows SEEBURGER to tap into their existing SAP-based customer base where SEEBURGER fills the gap and SAP market demand for MFT solutions to secure their B2B communications.”

Ramaraju Parthasarathy, CEO of BPM Consulting Pte. Ltd. shares, “In 2012, BPM Consulting reported gross revenue of close to RM 10 Million and is expecting positive growth through this partnership with SEEBURGER this year.”

Regional Territory Expansion
Presently, SEEBURGER has presence in countries including China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

 “Asia Pacific IT landscape continues to grow especially with Sri Lanka’s IT market emerging rapidly in parallel with the nation’s current modernization of business infrastructure efforts in both Banking and Manufacturing  to support stronger economic growth. The vast experience of BPM Consulting in IT business dealings yields great potential for SEEBURGER to capture market share in Singapore, Sri Lanka and India,” Hatcher highlights.

Deeper, Better SAP Solutions
Parthasarathy further shares, “SEEBURGER’s reputation for seamless SAP solution integration with MFT solutions gives us a strong positioning to help our customers and best optimize their SAP investments by automating their Business to Business (B2B) processes with greater end-to-end supply chain visibility.”
The alliance partnership allows BPM Consulting to offer SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). BPM Consulting will also extend SEEBURGER BIS to non-SAP customers across major industries such as Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Utilities, Electronics and automotive.

BPM Consulting has senior professionals with over 50 years of experience focusing on SAP and Oracle ERP implementations and “Business-to-Business” solutions integrations for original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers and third party logistics providers in the oil and gas, electronic manufacturing and logistics industries.  

SEEBURGER与 BPM Consulting合作打入新加坡,斯里蘭卡和印度市場

吉隆坡,2013年9月20日 讯- SEEBURGER,全球領先的業務整合和企業級文件傳輸管理(Managed File Transfer, MFT)解決方案供應商,今天宣布其与設在新加坡的BPM Consulting Pte. Ltd(’BPM Consulting’)入驻新加坡,斯里蘭卡和印度市场提供商业通信和文件傳輸解決方案。

SEEBURGER亞太區域總監, James Hatcher表示,“设馬來西亞作為其在亞洲經營業務的中心,SEEBURGER繼續積極地尋求協同的合作夥伴来推動我們在這一地區的業務增長。”

“与BPM Consulting合作让SEEBURGER又机会接触到他们现有的SAP客戶群,其中SEEBURGER能乘机填補了這SAP为確保其商业B2B通信安全对MFT解決方案的市場需求和空白。

Ramaraju Parthasarathy, BPM Consulting总监,“在2012年,BPM Consulting報總收入近10Million令吉,並期待通過此次與SEEBURGERde合作在今年取得正增長。”


“亞太的科技環境將持續增長,尤其斯里蘭卡的科技市場更是迅速崛起为國家的商業基礎設施現代化做出努力,以支持強勁的經濟增長。 BPM Consulting在科技業務往來的豐富經驗提高SEEBURGER在新加坡,斯里蘭卡和印度搶占市場份額的潛力,” Hatcher 表示。

Ramaraju Parthasarathy更進一步的表示,“SEEBURGER与SAP解決方案现有的合作為我們提供了一個強大的定位,以幫助我們的客戶優化其在SAP解决方案上的投資。”

該聯盟的合作让BPM Consulting能为市场提供SEEBURGER業務集成方案(Business Integration Suite, BIS)。 BPM Consulting也会將SEEBURGER BIS提供予橫跨多種行業,如醫療保健,金融和保險業,公用事業,電子和汽車的非SAP客戶。

BPM Consulting在SAP和Oracle 企業資源規劃解決方案實施和“企業對企業”的解決方案方面擁有超過50年的經驗,專注於在石油和天然氣,電子製造業和物流業。

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