Thursday, November 7, 2013


New ‘HEAR THIS’ feature offers unique music discovery experience
New Deezer app for Mac unifies your music collection
Deezer more than doubles number of paying subscribers to reach 5 million as catalogue reaches 30 million tracks
11 new Telco partnerships in 12 months - making 25 partnerships worldwide

Wednesday 6th November 2013: Speaking from the iconic London music venue Ronnie Scott’s, Deezer’s CEO, Axel Dauchez, unveiled two major new platform developments set to confirm Deezer’s credentials as the leader in personalised music discovery.

Dauchez also confirmed Deezer’s success one year on from his $130 million funding address, through revealing the following business milestones:
More than doubled the number of paid subscribers in a year - reaching 5 million paid subscribers across more than 180 countries
11 new telco partnerships, taking the total number of partnerships globally to 25
Music catalogue reached 30 million tracks, with an average of 27,000 new tracks from all genres and countries added every day, making it the biggest of any music streaming service
An extensive network of 50 Deezer expert music editors spread around the world providing the best recommendations to subscribers

Axel Dauchez, Deezer’s CEO, said, “Doubling the number of paid subscribers in 12 months sends a hugely encouraging signal that music streaming’s time is now. One year ago we pledged to launch Deezer worldwide because we felt music deserved to be truly global.

One year on, we are proud to say that we have over-delivered on our promises, with more than 5 million subscribers across more than 180 countries and a team of expert editors around the world sharing their love and passion for music. But we’re not content to simply keep up with the world; we want to lead the charge.”

Dauchez also unveiled the following product developments:

‘HEAR THIS’ takes the discovery feature to the next level by combining technology innovation with Deezer’s team of music experts from every continent employed to handpick and recommend the best new music from around the world. The ‘HEAR THIS’ music feed gives daily recommendations based on the music you are listening to, the latest releases from your favourite bands and the playlists created by your friends, as well as handpicked recommendations from Deezer’s music experts. You’ll have your personal and perfect music stream, handpicked by experts and tailored for you.

With more than 75% of subscribers listening to Deezer through their mobile devices, ‘HEAR THIS’ will be accessible from any device to enable users to discover the best music wherever they are.

Another new feature called ‘EXPLORE’ will supplement ‘HEAR THIS’ by providing a unique way to discover the latest releases as well as editors’ picks and recommendations. ‘EXPLORE’ enables you to search by region and genre, which means you can get access to the best new music from anywhere in the world, wherever you are.

Dauchez also unveiled a new exclusive app for Mac which is currently in development:

New Deezer app for Mac
Radically different from a simple desktop app and much lighter and quicker than a web version, this new app unifies your music collection:

•       Regardless of the file format, your personal iTunes music library is automatically synchronized with Deezer, meaning you will have access to your entire collection wherever you are

•       You’ll have access to Deezer’s entire catalogue of 30 million tracks as well as all your favourite music from your personal collection at the touch of a button

•       The new app provides ultimate simplicity bringing together offline music and streaming to provide unbeatable accessibility for music lovers

Daniel Marhely, Deezer’s founder, said: “Innovation is in our DNA. We want to help people build and discover their own unique music identity, which is why this year we are getting personal.  The ‘HEAR THIS’ music feed and the new Deezer app for Mac are game changers for us, they are pure innovation. We’re combining the best of Deezer - man and machine – to give users a unique experience that’s tailored exclusively to them.”

In addition to the new product announcements, Dauchez unveiled two executive appointments:

Christopher Coonen will be joining Deezer as group COO. Founder of PayPal in France and Continental Europe, Coonen brings with him extensive experience in managing fast growth companies in a rapidly changing environment. He will be managing business operations with the aim of reaching the company’s ambitious targets and meeting huge market expectations.

Gerrit Schumann, co-founder of Simfy, has been appointed Deezer’s VP of Europe (outside France). Based in Berlin, his remit is to further strengthen, develop and expand operational activities in Europe. Schumann’s past achievements, unique market experience and entrepreneurship will help Deezer anticipate market trends and further reinforce its position within Europe.

Dauchez concluded: “I want to give music lovers the experience they deserve. With Deezer we want to lead the charge – but there is still a lot to do to reach the point where everyone will be able to legally enjoy listening to and discovering music wherever they may find themselves – and all that for the price of downloading an album.”

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