Friday, November 29, 2013


Free photobooks up for grabs 

Kuala Lumpur, 29 November 2013 – Groupon Malaysia is offering free photobooks from Photobook Malaysia to its subscribers in celebration of the launch of its holiday season Give & Gift Shop microsite. The deal has been grabbed up by over 100,000 Groupon subscribers in the first 48 hours of going live, making it the most successful deal from Groupon Malaysia to date.

“As we enter the festive season we wanted to let everyone experience the joy of making and personalising their own photobooks, so what better way to do that than to make sure that as many Malaysians had one to enjoy!” said Mark Koay, Founder and CEO of Photobook Malaysia. “We chose to work with Groupon Malaysia as we have a very good working relationship with them which has been built up over the years and they have never failed to deliver the results we wanted.” quipped Mark.

Featuring Photobook Malaysia’s newest  6”x 6” Mini Square Softcover Photobook with a value of  RM79, the record breaking deal has sold over 150,000 copies to date and will continue to run until end of November. Due to the overwhelming success of the deal Photobook Malaysia and Groupon Malaysia will be rewarding the 200,000th customer with a lifetime supply of photobooks which includes 200 photobooks of varying sizes worth RM 30,000 from the most premium professional books to the latest mini softcover books.

“Photobook Malaysia has always been one of our most successful merchants as they have been able to constantly come up with fun and innovative products. We knew the deal would do well but it has certainly surpassed everyone’s expectations!” said Rafiq Razali, Country General Manager of Groupon Malaysia.

Rafiq added that the Photobook Deal is the first of what he hopes will be a series of Epic Deals which the company will be planning for in the future.

“Epic Deals are designed with one thing in mind, and that is to offer subscribers with a genuinely unique and rare opportunity to enjoy an Amazing Life Experience on a grand scale. We are thrilled to have been able to introduce this unique new concept to Malaysia with such an established partner as Photobook Malaysia” said Rafiq.

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吉隆坡2013年11月29日讯——马来西亚Groupon为其订户免费提供马来西亚Photobook的相簿,以配合欢庆假日期间所推介的Give & Gift Shop微型网站。这项活动在首48小时就有超过100,000名Groupon订户进行交易,缔造马来西亚Groupon有史以来最成功的交易记录。

 “随着我们开始步入佳节时期的当儿,我们要让每个人可以体验在制作和个性化他们自己的相簿时所带来的喜悦,所以除了让越多的马来西亚人享有这个机会之外,还会有什么其他更好的方式呢?” 马来西亚Photobook 的创办人暨首席执行员Mark Koay如此说道。“我们选择联合马来西亚Groupon进行合作是因为我们多年来与他们建立了良好的合作关系,同时他们在功绩方面也从未让我们失望。” Mark Koay打趣地说。

这项交易提供了马来西亚Photobook最新的6”x 6” Mini Square Softcover Photobook,价值为 RM79,而目前的记录已经突破150,000单交易,并会继续进行直到11月低为止。由于马来西亚Photobook联合马来西亚Groupon缔造了这项势如破竹的成功,因此第200,000名进行这项交易的客户将会获得一个Photobook终生免费供应的奖励,也就是包括200本价值RM 30,000不同尺寸的相簿,选择范围从最豪华的专业相簿到最新的mini softcover相簿都有。

 “马来西亚Photobook一直都是我们最成功的商家之一,因为他们已经能够不断地带来有趣和创新的产品。我们知道这项交易做得很好,但同时它也确实地超出所有人的意料!”马来西亚Groupon总经理Rafiq Razali如此说道。

Rafiq Razali补充表示,他希望Photobook的交易可以成为Epic Deals系列的首炮,在未来为公司进行计划。

 “Epic Deals计划中的一项概念是要为订户提供一个真正独特的交易以及难得的机会来享受一个规模宏大的美妙生活体验。我们对于能够在马来西亚与有如马来西亚Photobook如此密切的伙伴推出这项独特的新概念感到高兴。” Rafiq Razali说道。


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