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MDT Innovations, Fusionex Corp and Movertech Emerge Victorious at the APICTA Awards 2013 in Hong Kong

KUALA LUMPUR, DECEMBER 2, 2013 – Home-grown MSC Malaysia companies emerged winners against their regional counterparts at the recently concluded 13th International Asia Pacific ICT Alliances Awards (APICTA) 2013 in Hong Kong. MDT Innovations Sdn. Bhd, Fusionex Corp Sdn. Bhd and Movertech Sdn Bhd won the Communications, Application Tools and Platforms and Industry Applications Awards categories respectively.

MDT Innovations Sdn. Bhd won for its Near Field Communications (NFC) Tag in SIM Card, which empowers all mobile phones to become NFC enabled, a technology that will pave the way for greater adoption of the mobile digital wallet payment system. Fusionex Corp Sdn. Bhd won for its Fusionex Business Intelligence (BI) Centre invention and Movertech Sdn Bhd won for its LEAN Mover innovation.

International APICTA Awards 2013 ‘Communications’ category winners from MDT Innovations and Merit Reciepient  winners from SJK(C) Yuk Chai.

The event was organised by Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), Cyberport and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) with the support of Innovation and Technology Commission, Hong Kong.

The International APICTA Awards, now in its 13th year, saw 220 nominations from 13 countries in the Asia Pacific. From this, Malaysia submitted a total of 31 nominations in 17 categories. Following the nominations, Malaysia sent a delegation of over 75 people representing 17 companies, six institutions of higher learning, three secondary schools and personnel from Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), led by YBhg Datuk Wan Ahmad Shihab Wan Ismail, MDeC Board of Director, to compete.
Fusionex Corp Sdn Bhd receiving their award in the ‘Applications Tools and Platforms’ category.

Beyond the three category winners, four other Malaysian participants were recognised as merit recipients during the awards. These include Telekom Research & Development Sdn. Bhd for its Ultra-Long Reach Repeaterless Terrestrial Transmission (ULRT) System in the Communications Category and DHL Information Services (Asia-Pacific) Sdn. Bhd. for its North Asia Hub Automated Sortation Integration Solution in the Retail and Supply Chain Management Category, whereas SMK Kulim, Kedah for its Easy Air Cleaners and SJKC Yuk Chai for its Intelligent Nursing System were proud merit recipients in the Tertiary Student Project Category.

In October 2013, the local leg of the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards was held in Kuala Lumpur, which saw 17 individual category winners and 18 merit recipients recognised within their respective categories which included ‘Best of e-Learning’, ‘Best of Media & Entertainment’ and ‘Best of Start-up companies’.
Movetech Sdn Bhd receiving their award in the ‘Industry Applications Awards’ category.

Speaking at the Awards ceremony in Hong Kong YBhg Datuk Wan Ahmad Shihab Wan Ismail, MDeC Board of Director and Head of the Malaysia APICTA delegation said, “This win is a fantastic achievement for our local players. It cements our position as a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators to be reckoned with. Malaysia has entered a new age of innovation and this win is a testament to how far our local players can go.”

“This win means more to us than just a recognition platform. It will inspire us to keep creating and inventing, while also strengthening our resolve to diversify our solutions and offerings. This is a win for Malaysia and we hope to provide the inspiration and motivation for other local businesses to achieve international recognition in the future,” said Mr. Sim Hon Wai, General Manager at MDT Innovations Sdn Bhd.

“MDeC’s assistance and coaching has been instrumental in helping us win today. We are very happy to make Malaysia proud and we hope this will increase the confidence of foreign investors and potential international business partners in not just our own company’s abilities but in all Malaysian-made innovations. There is definitely room for greater commercialisation of Malaysian solutions and awards like APICTA help open more doors in this regard,” said Mr. Ivan Teh, Managing Director at Fusionex Corp Sdn. Bhd.

“This win will pave the way for greater innovations for industry applications. We are pleased to have started the ball rolling and we hope that more local players will start looking at how else to successfully create and market business-to-business solutions in Malaysia,” said Mr. Jaeson Cheng, Project Manager and Specialist at Movertech Sdn. Bhd.

Since the inception of the awards in 2001, there have been 39 Award Category winners and 55 merit recipients from Malaysian companies and institutions. MDeC believes that APICTA will continue to be the gold standard and an inspiration for all ICT creations in the region in the future.

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