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Fortinet unveils “Connected UTM” and Twelve Network Security Products for Retail, Branch Offices and Distributed Enterprises in Malaysia

MALAYSIA – 28 January, 2014 – Fortinet – a world leader in high-performance network security – today unveiled 12 new products designed to connect and extend Fortinet’s integrated security platforms for retail, branch offices and distributed enterprises in Malaysia.  Under the umbrella of “Connected UTM,” Fortinet’s new FortiGate unified threat management appliances, wireless access points, wireless WAN extender, and Ethernet switches provide unparalleled policy and access control, threat protection and business continuity.

“Fortinet’s vision for retailers, branch offices and other massively distributed enterprise environments is Connected UTM,” said Dato’ Seri George Chang, Fortinet's Vice President for Southeast Asia & Hong Kong. “By integrating the flexibility of Fortinet’s UTM appliances, wireless access points, wireless WAN extender and switching products, businesses can simplify their complex networks, improve management and ensure seamless policy enforcement, aggressively pursue new business opportunities, and reduce costs while enjoying all the benefits of high-performance network security.”

“As UTM appliances continue to integrate discreet security functions such as firewall, AV, IPS, Web content filtering, etc., we also see an emerging trend where UTM appliances are extending their security policy enforcement to include and integrate management functionality of WLAN, VoIP, IP-based cameras and more,” said John Grady, Research Manager at IDC. “Here, Fortinet’s Connected UTM offerings exemplify this trend and demonstrate innovation in driving new use and adoption cases for UTM in distributed enterprise environments.”

Integration and Connection – Foundations of Fortinet’s Connected UTM
The foundation for Connected UTM begins with integration and management. Fortinet’s new FortiGate/FortiWiFi-30D-POE, FortiGate/FortiWiFi-60D-POE and FortiGate/FortiWiFi-90D-POE and FortiGate-280D-POE all integrate the full suite of UTM security features plus WiFi access point control, switching, authentication, endpoint management and policy control in a single easy-to-manage device. This consolidated approach allows businesses to enforce policies across a number of devise types and provide better security by having these devices plugged into and managed by a single FortiGate. The FG-280D-POE, with a total of 84 ports, was purpose-built for smaller networks (such as retail locations and healthcare facilities) that want to take advantage of the very high port density to eliminate devices in their infrastructure, such as switches.

The next level in the Connected UTM platform incorporates the ability to connect and manage multiple devices through integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. With this functionality, multiple devices, such as wireless access points, Point of Sale (PoS) devices, network video cameras and video recorders, digital signage, IP telephony systems can be attached and managed from a FortiGate Connected UTM.

Boosting Wireless and Fail-Over Performance
Managing multiple devices and capabilities through a single security appliance requires high performance hardware to prevent network bottlenecks. To help accelerate wireless performance, Fortinet today also announced two new WiFi access points. The FortiAP-221C and FortiAP-320C support the new 802.11ac wireless standard, which offers data rates in excess of 1 Gbps. This level of performance helps meet higher bandwidth requirements for guest WiFi access without slowing down the performance of critical corporate data. In addition, by using FortiAP access points or FortiWiFi models, retailers can segment their network in order to provide guest access while maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

For organizations requiring broadband as their primary connection or continuity/fail-over, Fortinet offers the FortiExtender-100B, an unobtrusive device that acts as a 3G/4G wireless WAN extender for improved relaying of critical data between a service provider and a FortiGate device. The FortiGate and the FortiExtender devices can be separated by as much as 100 meters, allowing the FortiGate to be in a basement or wiring closet and the FortiExtender antenna to be mounted in a different location.

A Platform That Can Grow With the Company
As a business grows, and so must its network security architecture. To help with that transition, Fortinet today is introducing two new switching appliances that extend the connected capabilities of the FortiGate platform. The FortiSwitch-224D-POE is a rack-mount appliance with 24 (10/100/1000) access ports and 12 PoE ports, and the FortiSwitch-108D-POE is a desktop appliance that offers 10 (10/100/1000) access ports and 8 PoE ports. These switches enable organizations to seamlessly integrate additional IP devices such as wireless access points, IP phones and other PoE equipment into the network.

Incorporating Powerful Analytics
Fortinet’s ability to integrate with Retail Analytics providers is an example of the power behind Connected UTM. Retail Analytics offers retailers a complete spectrum of big data management solutions, including monitoring, analyzing, influencing and monetizing consumer data in real time. By leveraging customers’ mobile devices the moment they walk into an establishment, Retail Analytics can assess customers’ specific purchasing needs and then directly target those customers in real time with products they were considering buying. Among other things, this technology helps retailers win back sales that might otherwise be lost to online counterparts. Fortinet’s Connected UTM solution serves to protect the store network, provide secure guest access to the wireless network, and seamlessly protect customer data from threats and unnecessary exposure.

The FortiGate/FortiWiFi-30D-POE, FortiGate/FortiWiFi-60D-POE, FortiGate/FortiWiFi-90D-POE, FortiGate-280D-POE, FortiAP-221C, FortiAP-320C, FortiExtender-100B, FortiSwitch-224D-POE and FortiSwitch-108D-POE are available now.

Fortinet在馬來西亞推出「Connected UTM」平台,推出12款新產品予分散型企業

馬來西亞 - 2014年1月28日- 全球高效能網路安全領導廠商Fortinet®,宣佈推出12款專屬設計用以連結和擴展Fortinet整合安全平台的新產品,適用於零售業、分公司和分散型企業。在其「Conntected UTM」的架構下,Fortinet此次新推出的整合威脅管理設備(UTM; unified threat management)、無線WAN轉接器和乙太網路交換器,能提供前所未有的政策和存取控管、威脅防護,協助企業永續營運。

Fortinet东南亚及香港区域副总裁拿督斯里 George Chang表示,“Fortinet為零售業、分公司和分散型企業環境所擘劃的願景,就是Connected UTM。Fortinet藉由整合 UTM設備、無線基地台(AP; access point)、WAN轉接器和交換器產品的部署彈性,讓企業能輕易地簡化他們複雜的網路,強化管理並執行縝密的安全政策,主動專注於尋求新商機;在享受高效能網路安全的優勢同時,還能降低成本。”

  IDC研究經理John Grady則指出,“隨著UTM設備持續整合各種安全功能,例如防火牆、防毒、入侵防護、網頁內容過濾等等,我們同時也看到一個趨勢,那就是UTM設備的安全政策執行範圍,已擴大包含和整合WLAN、VoIP、IP攝影機等其它設備的管理功能。如今,Fortinet Connected UTM架構下的產品,正反映了這個趨勢,同時展現在分散型企業環境下創新的採用方式。”

整合與連結--Fortinet Connected UTM的基礎
  Fortinet Connected UTM的基礎始於整合與管理。新的UTM設備,包括FortiGate/FortiWiFi-30D-POE、FortiGate/FortiWiFi-60D-POE、FortiGate/FortiWiFi- 90D-POE和FortiGate-280D-POE,皆整合了全套的UTM安全功能,再加上WiFi AP控管、資料交換、認證、端點管理和政策控管,這些全都在一個簡易管理的設備裡。這樣的統合方法能讓企業在多種規劃方式下執行政策,並且只需插上設備,由一部FortiGate來管理,便能獲得更好的安全防護。例如,擁有84個連接埠的FG-280D-POE,是專門為小型網路所設計(如零售據點和醫療設施),它們利用這些數量眾多的連接埠,就能減少網路架構中所需的設備,像是交換器。
  Connected  UTM平台的下一步,是透過PoE (Power over Ethernet; 乙太網路供電)埠連接和管理多個設備。藉由這個功能,許多設備如無線AP、POS系統、網路攝錄影機、數位看板和IP電話系統,都可以直接透過FortiGate Connected UTM來連結並管理。

  透過單一的安全設備來管理多個設備和功能,需要高效能的硬體來預防網路瓶頸的產生。為了加速無線的效能,Fortinet也宣佈推出兩款新的WiFi AP--FortiAP-221C和FortiAP-320C。兩者能支援新的802.11ac無線標準,資料傳輸率超過1Gbps。這樣的效能等級能滿足訪客存取更高無線頻寬的要求,而不會降低重要企業資料的傳輸效能。此外,藉由使用FortiAP或FortiWiFi的機型,零售業者可劃分他們的網路,在符合PCI DSS規範的同時,也能提供訪客存取網路的能力。



  因應Fortinet新的Connected UTM平台,此次推出的12款新產品為: FortiGate/FortiWiFi-30D-POE、FortiGate/FortiWiFi-60D-POE、FortiGate/FortiWiFi- 90D-POE、FortiGate-280D-POE、FortiAP-221C、FortiAP-320C、FortiExtender- 100B、FortiSwitch-224D-POE和FortiSwitch-108D-POE。

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