Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cisco Adds Advanced Malware Protection to Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security

Sourcefire Integration Empowers “AMP Everywhere” for the Extended Network

Kuala Lumpur, Feb. 25, 2014 – Cisco today announced that it has added its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), originally developed by Sourcefire, into its Content Security Portfolio of products, including Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security Service. The integration provides customers worldwide with comprehensive malware-defeating capabilities, including detection and blocking, continuous analysis and retrospective remediation of advanced threats. This enhanced offering represents one of the initial technology integration efforts between Cisco and Sourcefire, and extends the option of advanced malware protection for more than 60 million enterprise and commercial users currently protected with Cisco Content Security solutions.

Advanced Malware Protection utilizes the vast cloud security intelligence networks of both Cisco and Sourcefire (now part of Cisco). Like the attacks it is designed to protect against, AMP evolves to provide continuous monitoring and analysis across the extended network and throughout the full attack continuum – before, during and after an attack. By combining Sourcefire’s deep knowledge of advanced threats and analytics expertise with Cisco’s industry leading Email and Web Security solutions, customers benefit from unmatched visibility and control combined with the most cost-effective, seamless approach to addressing advanced malware problems.

Cisco has also added Cognitive Threat Analytics, acquired last year via Cognitive Security, as an option for Cisco® Cloud Web Security customers. Cognitive Threat Analytics is a highly intuitive, self-taught system that uses behavioral modeling and anomaly detection to identify malicious activity and reduce time to discovery of threats operating inside the network.

The addition of advanced malware technologies to Cisco Web and Email Security solutions, and Cognitive Threat Analytics to Cisco’s Cloud Web Security, have expanded Cisco’s ability to provide more threat-centric security solutions for its customers by expanding attack vector coverage by providing advanced malware protection “everywhere” a threat can manifest itself. With this integration, Cisco addresses the broadest range of attack vectors across the extended network.

Christopher Young, senior vice president, Cisco Security Business Group, said: “Today’s advanced threats that can attack hosts through a combination of different vectors require a continuous security response versus point in time solutions. Web and Email gateways do a large amount of heavy lifting in the threat defense ecosystem, blocking the delivery of malicious content. By bringing together AMP and threat analytics with our Web, Cloud Web and Email Security gateways, we provide our customers with the best advanced malware protection from the cloud to the network to the endpoint.”


Sourcefire的整合为擴展網絡提供先進惡意軟件防護【Advanced Malware Protection, AMP】

吉隆坡,2014年2月25日 - 思科【Cisco】今天宣布纳入最初是由Sourcefire公司開發的先進的惡意軟件防護(AMP)为其内容安全產品系列,包括网络,電子郵件安全設備和雲端网络科技安全服務組合。


先進惡意軟件保護【AMP】利用思科和Sourcefire公司(現為思科的一部分)的廣闊雲安全情報網絡。AMP的發展提供持續的監測, 網絡分析和安全連續攻擊。通過結合Sourcefire公司对先進威脅分析能力的專業知識与深入了解, 與思科業界領先的電子郵件和网络安全解決方案,客戶受益於無與倫比的可視性和控制來解決先進的惡意軟件問題。

思科安全业务集团高级副总裁Christopher Young 表示“今日先進的网络威脅可以通過不同的載體組合攻擊主機, 网络和電子郵件安全是阻斷惡意內容的主要傳送的網關。通過匯集AMP和威脅的分析能力與我們的網絡,雲端科技和電子郵件安全網關,我們為客戶提供從雲端到网络电段最佳的先進惡意軟件保護。”

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