Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Watch all matches via the Football Pass or selected matches on Pay per View basis

KUALA LUMPUR, 29th April 2014 – Astro, the official broadcaster of the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL, aspires to offer Malaysians the most comprehensive and complete coverage of the greatest show on earth on the ‘WATCH, PLAY, READ and LISTEN’ platforms.

The WATCH platform will see all Astro SuperPack customers as at 31st May 2014 being offered complimentary ‘Football Pass’ to watch ALL 64 LIVE matches on 5 dedicated High Definition (HD) channels and 5 dedicated Standard Definition (SD) channels on Astro TV and Astro On The Go. Other Astro and NJOI customers can join in the excitement by purchasing the ‘Football Pass’ for only RM100 from 1st May 2014.

Emile Heskey, Former England International Player, Lee Choong Khay, Astro’s Head of Sports Business and Jason Dasey, Host and Executive Producer of Astro SuperSport.

Lee Choong Khay, Astro Head of Sports said, “Since the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Astro has brought the most comprehensive coverage of the FIFA World Cup to Malaysians. Team Astro has been busy preparing new and exciting talk shows, news channel and programmes over 10 dedicated channels, easily accessible via the interactive Red Button on Astro remote, as well as innovative apps on mobile and web to bring live matches in various camera angles, replays, match highlights and latest FIFA World Cup news coverage.”

Another first is the Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup™ App, where Football Pass holders can watch all 64 LIVE matches on tablets, smartphones and PCs. The WATCH experience on the Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup™ App will be enhanced with 6 LIVE multi-cam feeds to fully capture the excitement of matches. With the unique event marker feature, favourite moments can be replay with the tap of a finger during LIVE matches. In addition, viewers can watch key moments of all matches in multi-angle.

Football Pass holders on connected PVR boxes and Astro on the Go will also get about 100 hours of FIFA World Cup On Demand content, featuring classic FIFA World Cup matches since 1966, 10 matches from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D and official World Cup programmes from FIFA.

Lee continued, “We at Astro truly want all Malaysians to be part of the excitement of the FIFA World Cup. Astro and NJOI customers without the Football Pass will still be able to watch 30 LIVE matches on Astro Arena with match commentary in Bahasa Malaysia.”

There are also options for non Astro customers to join in the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup via Astro On The Go as follows:-

 Purchase the Football Pass at RM100 to watch all 64 LIVE matches on their preferred devices
 For the first time ever, watch selected matches on a Pay Per View basis at RM6 per match
 Watch 30 matches live for free

Astro has also created as the home ground for the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL. During the month long football fest, Malaysians can access for news, live updates, fixtures, match highlights, classic videos from previous World Cups and even World Cup themed radio stations and podcast to stay on top of all things World Cup.

On the PLAY platform, Malaysians can also participate in games like the Stadium Astro Fantasy Olabola Edition. Available on, football fans can create their dream team, transfer players, join leagues and earn points based of real-life performances of their selected players. For football fans who want to up the ante on the excitement of watching LIVE matches can PLAY the “Ola Bola Football Predictor” App for iOS and Android devices, where they make prediction on the outcome of free kicks, corner kicks and penalty kicks in real-time. This game will available for download at no cost from Apple App store and Google PLAY.

On the LISTEN platform, Astro GO Listen app will create and aggregating the 2014 FIFA World Cup content. There will also be news, updates, interviews, post-game analysis and more. Lastly, on the READ platform, Astro Go Read app curates and personalises content from the web & digitised magazines.

Besides the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL, Stadium Astro has lined up many prime sporting events in 2014 such as the Thomas and Uber Cup, Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games for the 3.9 million Astro and NJOI customers.

For more information or to subscribe to Astro, please log on to or call 1 300 82 3838.

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