Thursday, April 17, 2014

PlayStation4 System Software Update v1.7 Announced

PS4™ streaming becomes more fun and convenient with HD streaming 
Remote Play of PS4™ now available on PlayStation®Vita TV

Malaysia, 17th April 2014 – Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) Singapore Branch announced today that PlayStation®4 (PS4™), PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) and PlayStation®Vita TV (PS Vita TV) will support the following new features via the next system software update.

PS4™ system software v1.70 will expand the broadcasting feature and support Japanese video sharing website “Niconico Live”, HD streaming (Twtich) and video archive on various online streaming platforms (Ustream, Twtich). Moreover, “SHAREfactory™”*1, an application that allows users to add comments, stickers to video clips saved on PS4™ and change music and background of those videos will be supported to let gamers enjoy more fun of the “Share” experience in their own way. In addition, Remote Play is also made available on PS Vita TV*2 for gamers to enjoy PS4™ games on a television placed in a different location.

The available date of system software v1.7 will be announced in due course.

*1 “SHAREfactory™” is scheduled to be downloadable from PlayStation®Store (PS Store). Internet connection and SEN account are required to access PS Store.

*2  System software updates for PS Vita and PS Vita TV which are available from the same day are required.

SCEH will continue working towards promoting and enhancing the PlayStation® platform in order to let more customers enjoy a world of entertainment exclusive to PlayStation®.

Main New Features of PS4™ System Software v1.7 Update
Ø The picture quality of videos broadcasted via Ustream and Twitch can be set to [Maximum (HD)]
Ø The broadcasted videos can be saved (archived) on online streaming platforms.
The way to use the Archive feature differs depending on the service.
Ø The download link icon of SHAREfactory is shown on the Home screen. With this feature, comments and stickers can be added to video clips saved on PS4. Background music and background of the videos can also be changed.
Ø After downloading and installing, the icon of the application will be shown on the Home screen.
The download link icon will only be displayed upon logging into PSNSM
Ø HDCP signal can be switched off and gameplay recording via HDMI is made possible
Recorded videos are only restricted for individual use. The act of uploading to the web constitutes the possibility of violating the copyrights belonged to the content owner
Ø Pre-Order feature on the PS Store of PS4 is now available
Ø Pre-ordered contents will be automatically downloaded to Your Primary PS4. Countdown until the release day is displayed, showing when the content will be downloaded and installed
Remote Play
Ø By installing the newest system software update of PS Vita TV released on the same day, Remote Play of PS4 on PS Vita TV is made possible
Ø Passcode is not required to link PS and PS Vita/PS Vita TV in the following situations:
-When Your Primary PS4 is in standby mode
- When PS4TM and PS Vita are connected online and both are logged in to the same user account
The method of entering a passcode remains the same

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