Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TRX Rides On The New Era of Digitalisation in Johor

Usher In The Launch Of Digital Advertising Platforms

Singapore & Malaysia – Johor Bahru is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing states today. Coupled with the launch of Iskandar Malaysia, the green mega city, many exciting developments and projects have been announced and more electrifying new plans are in the pipeline of the state’s development blueprint.

TRX, the integrated Out-of-Home media space owner with exclusive advertising rights in the Custom and Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) in Johor, rides on this wave of urbanisation by revolutionising the advertising landscape in Johor with its variety of digital advertising platforms. TRX’s signature products such as digital boards Alpha, Alpha-X, and Orion 6 are strategically placed in high-traffic areas in the CIQ Customs Complex, Sentral, and City Square to effectively garner the attention of passers-by. Gipsy Tower, another signature platform, projects a sophisticated and urbane image of the city with the use of attractive LED screens.

“TRX is the first integrated advertising channel in Johor to offer a suite of digital platforms with exclusive advertising rights. Johor has undergone an enormous transformation from the traditional advertising stage to today’s new era of digitalization. We are very excited to be able to witness this mega makeover and be in the right time to offer innovations and showcase our digitalised advertising solutions,” said Sean Lee, Managing Director of TRX Media.

The rise of technological advancements has boosted Johor’s international image as a progressive and cutting-edge city, which helps its aim of fostering foreign investments, especially from the likes of Singapore due to its proximity, the ease of traveling, as well as the positive synergy between the two countries.

“Johor is definitely the shiniest star amidst all the states in Malaysia. The rise of Iskandar will further develop and enhance Johor as an excellent investment and tourist destination. With strategic economic and commercial developments in plan, endless opportunities are available in Johor. With the rise of visitors and residents, Johor is primed to become a very attractive consumer market for all purposes, from investment to business and from working to living,” he continued.

With the variety of digital media platforms situated all over the prime locations of Johor, TRX targets the 8 million travellers and 950,000 cars that cross the Johor-Singapore border every month.

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