Monday, May 5, 2014

What’s Your Story?

“YOLO” Wins Trend Micro Malaysia’s Internet Safety Video Competition

Kuala Lumpur, 5 May 2014 – The regional “What’s Your Story” competition came to a conclusion with the winners’ announcement today. “What’s Your Story” is a video competition organized by Trend Micro as an alternative platform to highlight Internet safety issues amongst the younger generation, utilizing videos as the main mode of communication.

This year the video competition garnered more than 100 entries from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan and received over 36,000 views. The panel of judges included Trend Micro partners, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. The regional winners emerged from Taiwan and Philippines with their winning videos, one provocatively entitled “Take your clothes off!” and “The Story of my (Online) Life” respectively. Trend Micro Malaysia also congratulated the two local winners today whose simple videos summed up the importance of thinking twice before you post up personal data online.

(L to R) Siti Haidah Harun and Junaidy Ismail, parents of Muhammad Afiq B. Junaidy, Grand Prize winner for Malaysia, Marissa Lim, Runner-up for Malaysia, and Jean Lim, Director, Channel Management and Marketing, Trend Micro Malaysia.

The local winning entry entitled “YOLO” emerged as the most well liked video on Trend Micro Malaysia’s Facebook page that encapsulated this year’s competition theme. Muhammad Afiq B. Junaidy, age 21 is the brain behind “YOLO” and currently studies in the U.S as a Chemical Engineer. He took home the Grand Prize of a RM5,000 cash prize. Marissa Lim, age 20, an Advertising and Graphic design student came up with “5 Online Don’ts” that highlighted the dangers of revealing sensitive personal data online and she walked away with a cash prize of RM3,000.

Participants were required to submit their videos that were judged on three main criteria; creativity, relevancy and content that showcases this year’s theme “How to Keep a Good Reputation online and What Are the Consequences of Not Doing So?” in the most interesting way.
(L to R) Siti Haidah Harun and Junaidy Ismail accepting the Grand Prize on behalf of their son, Muhammad Afiq Junaidy from Jean Lim, Director, Channel Management and Marketing, Trend Micro Malaysia.

“Internet security is increasingly important in the digital era that we live in today, particularly for the youth who spends a large portion of their time online. Amongst the long list of Internet security issues are unsuitable content such as pornographic or violent materials being exposed to young children, cyber bullying or harassment, privacy concerns and reputation management that needs to be addressed,” said Jean Lim, Director, Channel Management and Marketing, Trend Micro Malaysia.

 “Trend Micro is always looking for ways to raise awareness about the importance of staying safe in the digital sphere. The mission of Trend Micro Internet Safety for Kids & Families is to enable and empower kids, parents, teachers, and schools around the world to make the Internet a safe and secure place for today's youth. The “What’s Your Story” video competition is a great way to encourage conversations amongst them about the dangers that lurk online, how to safeguard yourself and still be able to get the most out of the Internet,” continued Jean.
(L to R) Marissa Lim, Runner-up for Malaysia, and Jean Lim, Director, Channel Management and Marketing, Trend Micro Malaysia.

“I felt that Trend Micro’s “What’s Your Story” video competition was a cool way to highlight Internet security issues, rather than just reading a boring wordy article. My video submission was inspired by real stories that I hear far too often about the accidental sharing of private photos that causes emotional distress and affects the victim’s reputation as well. I hope that more people will take note and realize the importance of keeping certain information private and protected so these details does not fall in the hands of the wrong people,” said Muhammad Afiq B. Junaidy, the Grand Prize winner.

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