Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Asia Media Monitoring夥同亞太區廣播聯盟ABU

Asia Media Monitoring Sdn. Bhd. supports Asian Broadcasters pro-social content distribution

Kuala Lumpur, September 21, 2007 – Asia Media Monitoring Sdn. Bhd. (AMM) has announced its partnership with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in the launch of its Media Awareness Exchange, an initiative aimed at leveraging the power of media to deliver critical messages on pro-social and sustainable development issues.

AMM will support the Media Awareness Exchange (MAE) by helping to track airings of pro-social content distributed by the MAE to broadcasters across the region. It will also provide support in helping to promote the MAE among public relations, advertising, media production and corporations with strong corporate social responsibility messages.

The Media Awareness Exchange (MAE) involves a monthly satellite delivery mechanism
for sending pro-social content to broadcasters across the region, complemented by providing internet distribution of the material. The MAE aims to enable regional and national terrestrial broadcast companies in serving their broadcast audiences with constructive information and content aimed at strengthening and protecting countries and the region at a time of increasing social, health and environmental risks.

AMM’s partnership in the ABU’s Media Awareness Exchange is among the first of newly targeted sectors the ABU is working to attract.

While traditionally the ABU has primarily only involved member broadcasters in its initiatives, in recent years, the organization has been working closely with international organizations and foundations in developing pro-social messaging and in building the capacity of broadcast producers in addressing issues such as pandemic flu, climate change and disaster reduction, HIV-AIDS, Migrant Workers, Conservation and other issues. Now, through the MAE, the organization is inviting the related advertising, public relations and corporate communications sectors and other media service providers to participate in the creation and distribution of such content.

“The role of the media in Asia in combating pressing global issues is tremendous, and the power of the media to stimulate change is huge,”said Francyne Harrigan, Manager, Development Projects at the ABU. “By inviting other media service and communications companies to work with our broadcasters, we hope to provide additional creative resources and distribution mechanisms to television and radio producers.”

“We are extremely excited to support the ABU on the Media Awareness Exchange,” said Craig Hobbs, CEO and Managing Director of Asia Media Monitoring. “We hope that other media service companies will see the importance and benefits of contributing to the initiative as well as recognize their responsibility to do so.”

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