Saturday, June 7, 2008

MBF Cards Launches First of its Kind Payment of MBF Cards Credit Card Bills via CALL'nPAY

(L), Mr. John Ding, President of MBF Cards (M’sia) Sdn. Bhd. shaking hands with (R) En. Abdul Mushir Che Chik, Chief Executive Officer of T-Melmax Sdn. Bhd. during the launch of the Call n Pay service

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27, 2008 – With time fast-becoming a precious commodity, MBF Cards (M’sia) Sdn. Bhd. (MBF Cards) has introduced the industry’s first-of-its-kind service for settling MBF Cards credit card bills in an even more convenient, time-saving and easier manner.

The ‘Payment of MBF Cards Credit Card Bills via Call n Pay’ goes beyond the typical online or face-to-face channel, as CardMembers now have greater flexibility of choice which is a mere phone call away.

John Ding, President of MBF Cards, said, “People are strapped for time and expect choices that can meet different needs. Our goal is to provide our CardMembers with flexible, convenient, and hassle-free options that can safely and quickly take care of payment needs from wherever they are. With our newest service, just one simple phone call a month can do just that, and this will not only save time but it will also allow CardMembers to get on with the business of living that much faster.”

To utilise this particular service, CardMembers need to do a one-time free registration by completing the registration form and mailing it to MBF Cards. MBF Cards will inform CardMembers on the successful registration upon confirmation from their banks. Subsequently, CardMembers can instruct any amount they wish to pay by calling the Customer Service number at 03-21677600 each month. MBF Cards will then ensure the funds will be direct debited from their bank account to settle their monthly credit card bill. CardMembers with accounts at Maybank, RHB Bank or CIMB bank accounts can register for this service. A service charge of RM1.00 will be charged for each transaction.

Ding said, “We have commenced this easy-to-use service with three well-known banks in Malaysia, which caters to a majority of our CardMembers. Nevertheless, we are in the process of expanding our list of banks for this service, together with our technology provider T-Melmax Sdn Bhd in order to meet the needs of our entire CardMember base.”

The ‘Payment of MBF Cards Credit Card bill via Call n Pay’ is the latest addition to the card issuer’s current Call n Pay service, which already enables CardMembers to pay utility bills with just a phone call at anytime.

This latest service stems from the philosophy of enriching MBF CardMembers’ lives through practical innovations and is the result of a collaboration with T-Melmax, a local service provider of e-Payment solutions.

Tuan Haji Abdul Mushir Che Chik, Chief Executive Officer of T-Melmax, said, “This payment solution makes life a lot simpler and we are pleased to have worked with MBF Cards on this, especially as both companies share the philosophy of providing practical real-time solutions that can meet today’s needs. We believe that this service is a breakthrough in financial solutions and definitely places a priority on consumer convenience. Further, this smart yet simple technology will allow users the flexibility of choice in making payments, which enables them to better manage both their finances and time.”

T-Melmax was established to develop innovative technology-based e–Payment solutions for various industries. The company’s services mainly revolve around financial transactions and the processing of financial applications.

According to the card issuer, being able to meet changing consumer demands with flexibility of choice is vital to remain relevant in the competitive credit card industry.

Currently, the company offers five options for CardMembers to pay their bills: face-to-face at MBF Cards branches nationwide; FPX for the web savvy; over-the-counter and online payments at CIMB and RHB banks; or through ATM and cash deposit machines payments for CIMB and RHB bank account holders. With Call n Pay, MBF CardMembers now have greater convenience and ease of settling credit card bills.

For more information on MBF Cards’ latest CALL'nPAY service, please visit or call 03-2167 7600.

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