Thursday, May 17, 2012

SonicMaster Premium Audio in All ASUS N Series

Redesigned with the new ASUS DNA in mind, new multimedia ASUS notebooks showcase pro-grade sound, stylish elegance, and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 17, 2012) ― Owners and buyers of the newly revamped ASUS N Series of multimedia notebooks will enjoy premium audiophile-worthy sound, wide-view screens with up to full HD 1080p thanks to its SonicMaster Premium speakers. Plus, they will also get to enjoy a unique user experience with the Intel® 3rd generation Core™ processors that powers the N Series, as well as its exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology that offers a 2-second instant on resume. To top all that speed, the new N Series has an all-new and prestigious reddot 2012 design award-winning look to go with it.

ASUS DNA creates incredible experiences
The ASUS N Series notebooks represent a new standard of design thinking to ensure its products delivers a unique user experience that enhances customer happiness. Its new design features focus on design attraction and aesthetic appeal alongside with the finest professional-grade audio offered on a notebook PC. They also give consumers improved and highly intuitive touch input that has been engineered to ensure greater accuracy, and an optional backlit keyboard purpose-built feature to provide complete convenience. All of these components are part and parcel of the new ASUS DNA and design thinking.New SonicMaster Premium audio redefines notebook sound
The new ASUS DNA has once more resulted in a revolutionary approach to portable PC sound performance. Following the success of original the SonicMaster design, exclusive ASUS SonicMaster Premium pushes notebook audio threshold further. Knowing that sound holds a vital element in daily computing enjoyment, ASUS audio engineers developed the SonicMaster Premium together with the expertise of Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, optimizes audio hardware and bundles a dedicated external subwoofer to provide unmatched notebook PC audio enjoyment, including the experience of a deeper bass. SonicMaster Premium also applies professional-grade Waves MaxxAudio 3 tools, which delivers meticulously tuned sound with extensive personalization options.

Wider and more vivid views
All new ASUS N Series notebooks feature advanced wide-view panels that provide 150゚horizontal by 120゚vertical angles. These features allow several individuals to share viewing of content without compromising the image quality from all direction. Every panel offers at least 720p HD, and optional panels support full HD 1080p for even finer image quality with improved clarity, brightness, and contrast.Elegant, luxurious design
Although brand new, the ASUS N Series notebooks have been awarded the coveted 2012 reddot design award for their attention to selecting stylish materials and design considerations. They offer users an attractive hairline-etched metallic cover with an illuminated ASUS logo for added impact, plus a unique ripple-effect speaker mesh that signifies the flow of sound provided by SonicMaster Premium.

More powerful than ever before
The ASUS new N Series notebooks include the power of 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, which is based on Ivy Bridge technology. The platform enables enhanced processor output and overclocking, smoother multimedia, and more extensive multitasking capabilities. Utilizing the latest technology from Intel® renders the new iteration of the N Series more powerful as well as sleeker to use. The addition of exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II power consumption management technology has further resulted in true 2-second instant on resume from deep sleep, bringing smartphone-like responsiveness to high end notebooks.

Price and availability
The ASUS new N Series notebooks is now available in Malaysia, and retails for RM3,599 (i7). Consumers will be able to purchase their dream notebooks from ASUS authorized dealers nationwide.

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