Monday, September 10, 2012


Lifestyle Store Adds Color to Local Internet Startup Scene

Kuala Lumpur, 10 September 2012 – Local entrepreneurs Shaun Lee and Wilson Quah, co-founders of MilkADeal, launched today their second addition to the local Internet startup scene – White.MY, a lifestyle store that sells products for the modern home (and office) at below market prices. The launch comes amidst a forecasted rise in local online spending by the International Data Corporation as well as a fast-growing community of Malaysian Internet entrepreneurs.

“The Internet is breaking down barriers for people everywhere, even here in Malaysia where larger Western online retailers have traditionally neglected to grow. More young people are getting out there with game-changing ideas in order to deliver the goodness of the Internet to all Malaysians. We’re firm believers in the idea that the Internet should make people’s lives easier, cheaper and a lot more interesting, and that principle has guided us every step of the way,” said Lee.

Quah explains how their belief led to the website known as White.MY today. “The name ‘White’ originated in our initial plan to only sell white goods, a term for large household appliances. As our business expanded, we realized the color white also aligned with our wholly customer-focused business philosophy – it’s transparent, simple, and fresh. We wanted this to be reflected in everything from our site design to our attitude in pricing.”

In conjunction with the launch, Lee and Quah have presented an initial group of over 1,000 Internet-savvy users with free car stickers featuring playful taglines that celebrate the Internet’s significant role in the modern Malaysian’s lifestyle. Those interested in obtaining a free car sticker can do so by submitting their name and postal address to

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