Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sony全新NWZ-S610F Walkman Video MP3機

Sony’s New Walkman® Video MP3 Player Makes Music Transfer Easier (Malaysia, 10 October 2007) – Sony Malaysia launches the latest Walkman® NWZ-S610F series, an ultra-compact and lightweight video MP3 player weighing only 50 grams. Available in six vibrant colours, the new Walkman® S610F series features 3 Sony’s Clear Audio technologies to deliver the ultimate sound quality for audiophiles. Complementing the high quality audio entertainment is the high resolution LCD screen to playback the sharpest pictures and videos.

This new Walkman® video MP3 player will support an open platform as Sony expands its digital music environment to include Windows Media technology and work with a wider selection of common music, video and photo formats. With open platform, consumers will find transferring their contents between their PCs and Walkman® S610F series convenient.

“From the first Walkman® video MP3 model launched earlier this year to our new NWZ-S610F, Sony’s focus has always been superb audio and video quality. The decision to embrace an open platform will enhance customer’s experience in content sharing with more readily available options such as drag-and-drop function,” said Mr. Taku Taguchi, General Manager of Product Marketing Division, Sony Malaysia.

The Walkman® S610F series supports the open audio formats of MP3, non-secure AAC, security-enhanced WMA and the secure format of WMA. To help manage digital music libraries, the Walkman® S610F players come with Microsoft Windows Media Player 11. Alternatively, consumers can simply select music, video or photo files from a computer then drag and drop them into their corresponding folders in the Walkman® S610F series.

“With this initiative, Sony is debuting an important option for digital media players as it opens new doors for a rich digital experience,” said Dave Wascha, director of Windows Client Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “I believe consumers will be pleased that the new Walkman products carry the Certified for Windows Vista logo and that they will take advantage of the new technologies available in this Windows platform. Those who purchase this Walkman player can rest easy knowing that the product has met explicit standards of reliability and quality.”

Driving the high standards of audio quality with the Walkman S610F is Sony’s 3 Clear Audio Technologies comprising of Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), Clear Stereo and Clear Bass technologies. The DSEE improves compressed audio by restoring high frequency range to reproduce natural sound close to the original sound while the Clear Stereo technology reduces audio signal leaking from one channel to another. The Clear Bass enhances the experience of music with automatic level control which reproduces clear bass sound quality without the distortion.

The visual experience for the player is held to the same exacting standards as the audio quality. The 1.8” QVGA LCD screen features high brightness, high contrast and superior colour reproduction to playback high quality videos and photos. Supported video codecs are the popular MPEG4 and Advanced Video Coding(AVC[1]), with playback capable of up to 30 frames per second.

Compatible with other Sony products, the new devices offer instant connectivity with a range of Sony products including PlayStation® 3 consoles and Sony’s Giga Juke®. The Walkman® video MP3 player also comes with a range of accessories including a Bluetooth® audio transmitter to allow customers to wirelessly release their music on the move.

Other useful features of the Walkman S610F includes long battery life that enables up to 33 hours[2] of music playback or 9.5 hours[3] of video viewing. The built-in FM tuner also offers an alternative music source.
The Walkman S610F will be available in Malaysia from 10 October 2007.

Colours available:
NWZ-S615F (2GB) Black, Silver, Pink RM499
NWZ-S616F (4GB) Black, White, Pink, Blue, Red RM599
NWZ-S618F (8GB) Black, White RM799

[1] AVC(H.264/AVC) Baseline Profile
[2]Approximate time when continuously playing MP3 files encoded at 128kbps
[3]When playing MPEG-4 384kbps

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