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Malaysia’s premiere LAN party, CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya, has set a new world record for the longest LAN (local area network) party with 274 players played non-stop for 40 hours straight.

At the start of marathon called One Nation Cyberjaya at midnight Saturday (11 April), 291 players from Malaysia as well as China, Yemen, Brunei and Korea attempted to play non-stop for 38 straight hours. Seventeen dropped out due to various reasons, including fatigue. The remaining 274 players gamely decided to continue playing for 40 hours when informed that they had already surpassed the required 36-hour mark to create a new world record.
CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya broke the record that was created in August last year at NVision’08 in California where 203 players played non-stop for 36 hours.

CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya ended yesterday with more than 1,000 of the region’s best PC gamers and casual visitors participating in activities held over three days at the Grand Hall of the Multimedia University.
Organised by Cyberview Sdn Bhd and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya was divided into three components:

(a) One Nation Cyberjaya
One Nation Cyberjaya was the marathon world record-breaking attempt with the aim to etch Malaysia’s name in the Guinness World Records as the longest LAN party.

Most of the participants of One Nation Cyberjaya were aged between 19 and 25. The record-breakers received AMD computer processors worth more than RM100,000.

(b) One Nation Invitational
One Nation Invitational – the tournament component of CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya where close to 100 teams with about 500 participants from Malaysia and countries around the region pitting their skills in four game categories: Defense of the Ancients (DotA), Call of Duty 4 (COD4), FIFA ’09 and Sudden Attack. Winners will take home prizes worth more than RM150,000 which also include Sapphire ATI cards and game items.

Team Kingsurf, from Johor, who won the silver medal at the Electronic Sports World Cup 2008 grand finals, was one of the teams competing in the DotA game category. Singapore was represented by two of its top FIFA ’09 players.
(c) GameFest 2009
GameFest 2009 was an exciting side event, specially organised with the assistance from students of Multimedia University who are members of the university’s Game Developers’ Club. Described as a fusion LAN party, Game Fest 2009 offered a host of mini-tournaments and game exhibitions, workshops and seminars. Highlights of GameFest 2009 include the Future Games Creation Seminar - a platform for up-and-coming talents in the game development industry to showcase their work and interact with industry experts for evaluation and guidance, and the Overclock Workshop with demonstrations on how to overclock computer components, thus slowing it to run in higher speed than manufacturers’ recommendations. Other spin-offs at GameFest 2009 were the console party, codeplay programming contest, digital games exhibition and aerospace education flight simulation as well as an offline pursuit: board and card games’ exhibition and tournament.
In organising the record-breaking marathon One Nation Cyberjaya, the organisers had invited Guinness World Records to be present during the event to ensure that guidelines for longest LAN party were adhered to, as follows:

(a) the event is to be held in a single location that does not normally host a computer network of its size;
(b) each person attending the party must bring their own home computer in order to count towards the total attendance figure; and
(c) at least 100 participants must remain at the party to continue to play a video game with other participants in the local area network (LAN) in accordance with Guinness World Records’ general marathon rules.
Among others, the rules stated that:

(a) no person under the age of 14 may compete and those who aged between 14 and 18 must obtain consent from parent or legal guardian;
(b) a doctor or a nurse must be present at all times watching the attempt and the medical personnel should alternate or rotate in four hour shifts; and
(c) participants are allowed five (5) minutes rest for every continuously completed hour of activity which can be accumulated, i.e. 15 minutes after three (3) full hours of activity. Participants are also allowed to consume food and drink while playing games but this should not disrupt the flow of the attempt.The Guinness World Records’ adjudicator, Mr Talal Omar from the United Kingdom, was present during the event to monitor the marathon.

Managing Director of Cyberview, Dato’ Redza Rafiq said CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya was part of Cyberview’s continuous effort to support the growth of the creative multimedia industry and to build a healthy cyber culture in Malaysia. “Our role and focus in the development of the creative multimedia and digital content industry correspond with the mandate given by the Government to actively lead the entire development in Cyberjaya; and to this end, we have been asked by the Government to nurture the creative multimedia industry.

“We have designed CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya to benefit all parties: students and industry, and to fit into Cyberjaya’s community pillars of work, play and study. What we want to achieve in the long run is to create opportunities that can be further explored and help the growth of Malaysia’s creative multimedia and digital content industry,” he elaborated, adding that the event would serve as the catalyst for Malaysia’s bid to host the 2010 World Cyber Games Asian Championship.

Dato’ Redza Rafiq said CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya was the pre-cursor to the Malaysian Cybergames Operations & Research (MyCORE) initiative, which gave focus on the development of professional gamers and game developers in the gaming industry with the objective of providing them a local gaming centre in Cyberjaya. Cyberview, he added, was working closely with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to push and nurture the growth of the creative multimedia industry in Malaysia. The MyCORE initiative is one of the components of the measures formulated by the Government to develop the creative multimedia industry in Malaysia.

AMD, Cyberview’s partner in CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya, is a technology company headquartered in California. Its Vice president for Manufacturing Operations, Dato’ Mohd Sofi Osman said: “CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya provides us with the perfect platform to reach out to gaming enthusiasts and showcase AMD’s latest technology solutions to our consumers. The AMD brand is synonymous with providing gamers with the Ultimate Visual Experience on a PC platform that delivers an amazing gaming experience unlike any other in the market.”

AMD displayed its latest platform solution, codenamed “Dragon” at CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya, consisting of AMD™ Phenom II X4 processor, Radeon™ HD 4870 X2 Graphics Card and AMD 7-series chipset motherboard.

Deputy Minister of the Science, Technology & Innovation Ministry, Yang Berhormat Tuan Haji Fadillah Yusof was present at the announcement of Malaysia’s success at breaking the World Record for the Longest LAN Party which was made during the prize giving ceremony today.

CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya has the support of the cybergaming industry in terms of sponsorships from six game companies, namely Asiasoft Malaysia, Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn Bhd, Online E-Club Management Sdn Bhd, CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd and Eaglegame (M) Sdn Bhd who sponsored and showcased popular games like Sudden Attack, Rapplez, World of Warcraft, Maple Story, FIFA ’09, Dawn of War 2, COD4, Left for Dead and DotA.

Movie sponsors were United International Pictures (UIP), Twentieth Century Fox Films and Buena Vista Columbia Tristar who screened movies on-site. Other sponsors included War.Mart Sdn Bhd,, Sapphire, Red Bull and Ubermen.

Multimedia University was the venue sponsor and Telekom Malaysia provided the leased line to ensure seamless network connection.

There was also a live commentary of CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya on, world’s longest running and Australia’s premier professional E-sports commentary service provider.

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