Monday, October 22, 2012

First Malaysian telco to partner with WhatsApp

Strategic partnership to deliver unlimited WhatsApp services with DiGi Easy Prepaid

SHAH ALAM, 22 October 2012 - DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") becomes the first mobile operator in Malaysia to partner with WhatsApp Inc., the world's leading mobile messaging application developer. In line with DiGi's mission to deliver "Internet For All", both parties are collaborating to offer an exclusive package for customers to enjoy unlimited access to WhatsApp Messenger services, effective today.

At only RM5 for 5 consecutive days of unlimited access to WhatsApp Messenger services, customers can easily stay connected with family and friends via messaging, location-based functions and sharing of photos, videos, sound files and contact lists, exclusively on DiGi Easy Prepaid. This promotional offer is available till 31 March 2013 and it comes with FREE 100 MB.

 Praveen Rajan, Head of Internet & Services for DiGi explained: "We at DiGi acknowledge that communication services like WhatsApp Messenger are here to stay and they have helped to contribute in driving data traffic with their user-friendly functionalities that are supported by any smartphone platform. With over 25% of DiGi customers being smartphone owners, it is practical that we form a strategic alliance with WhatsApp to deliver greater value and relevance at best value to our customers."

 Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp added: "Millions of users have embraced the power of mobile messaging, resulting in over 10 billion messages being delivered across the globe in a day. Since Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones, we can expect some positive growth trends in mobile messaging in the near future. We are confident that strategic partnerships with mobile operators like DiGi will be mutually beneficial in terms of building customer loyalty and driving data traffic by offering DiGi customers the best the market has to offer."

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform smartphone messenger currently available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. Users can exchange messages, pictures, audio and video files at no cost, apart from data charges. All features are included without the need for extra in-application purchases.

 For DiGi customers, the data charges are free up to 100 MB during the five-day subscription period. To find out more, log on to

第一家与 WhatsApp 合作的马来西亚电讯公司
策略性联盟可通过 DiGi Easy Prepaid呈献无限量的 WhatsApp 服务

莎亚南 10 月 2 日讯 – DiGi 电讯私人有限公司("DiGi")将成为马来西亚第一家与 WhatsApp Inc. 合作的移动运营商,后者乃是全球顶尖的移动讯息应用程序开发商。配合 DiGi 之 "人人都能上网" 使命,双方将携手合作,以呈献一个可享受无限量获取 WhatsApp Messenger 服务的专属配套,由今天起生效。

通过这项 5 天只需 RM5 的无限量获取 WhatsApp Messenger 服务,顾客们将很容易通过简讯,基于地点功能与亲朋戚友保持联系,以及分享 DiGi Easy Prepaid 专属的照片,视频,语音档案和联络名单。这项特别优待将于 2013 年 3 月 31 日截止和免费附送 100MB 的数据。

据DiGi 的互联网和服务主管 Praveen Rajan 透露: "我们 DiGi 同仁皆认同WhatsApp Messenger 之类的通讯服务势必大行其道,并已通过其由任何智能电话平台支援的用户亲和功能而协助推高数据流量,因此,我们与 WhatsApp 缔造策略性联盟是务实的,并能以最佳价格为本公司顾客带来最大价值和追上时代的优势。"

WhatsApp 的联合创办人 Brian Acton 补充道: "数以百万计的用户已掌控移动讯息的威力,这使到全球每一天传送的简讯超过 100 亿则。由于亚洲是智能电话成长最快的市场之一,我们预测近期内移动讯息将出现正面的成长。我们也相信这项与 DiGi 之类移动运营商建立的策略性联盟,将可在建立顾客忠诚度和推高数据流动量方面互惠互利,并献予 DiGi 顾客市场上最好的一切。"

WhatsApp Messenger 是一种适用于 iPhone,Android,BlackBerry,Windows Phone 和 Nokia 手机的跨平台智能电话简讯系统。该应用程序采用 push 通知方式以即时获取来自朋友,同事和家人的简讯。除了数据收费之外,用户可免费交换简讯,图片,语音和视频档案。它包含所有特点,用户无需购买额外的应用程序内服务。

对于 DiGi 顾客而言,在五天订购时期内,不超过 100MB 的数据是无需付费的。欲知详情,请浏览

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