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Furby, the Amazing Pet with “a Mind of its Own”, is now Back in Malaysia!

The Animatronic Plush Pet with Technology Hits all Major Toy Stores this Month!

Petaling Jaya, 22 October 2012 – The ever-lovable Furby is back! After 14 years, Hasbro is unveiling the latest version of one of its most famous toys, incorporating new technology and its very own iOS app!
“We are very excited about the new Furby making a comeback in Malaysia!” said Albert Tan, Marketing Manager, Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. “In the past, we’ve always received amazing response for Furby from kids and adults alike, and we expect even better engagement this time around. Beyond just child’s play, the brand new Furby is also a fashion collector’s item – coming in a range of six bright colours! We will be launching more colours in the market soon, but Furby lovers should hurry and grab their favourite colours while stocks last!”

The new Furby with “a mind of its own” is more huggable, with more realistic fur that hides touch sensors, a moving body and twitching rubbery ears. Furby can now express more with its pair of backlit LCD eyes with mechanical eyelids that blink. Furby reacts and responds to the sounds picked up by its onboard microphone; and now can differentiate between the rhythm of different songs, the sound of its owner’s voice as well as sounds of another Furby!

The History of Furby
Furby was first introduced by Hasbro in 1998 and was launched in Japan by TOMY in 1999. It became a popular sensation as a huggable pet you can talk to and play with. Within its first year of sale in Japan, it sold 3.3 million units and the beloved electronic plush pet went on to sell an incredible 40 million+ units worldwide over the first three years.

Furby’s Main Features
1. Furby’s personality changes, depending on the actions of its owner!
Furby has four different types of sensors (sound, touch, vibration and orientation) and by talking to, hugging, feeding or tickling it, the way you interact with Furby has an effect on how its personality changes. For example, if you pet it on the head and treat it kindly, it may develop a sweet personality but if you pull, shake or turn Furby upside down, a mischievous demeanor may result!
2. Furby – there’s an App for that!
You can download a free app for iPad®, iPod touch® or iPhone® to enable additional fun features such as a deli and pantry where you can feed Furby with virtual sushi, pizza, juice, hamburgers and sandwiches, customized with your own selected toppings. Depending on the personality, Furby may love or dislike various foods...and is not afraid to say so! Other app features include a Furbish-to-English dictionary and translator. Furby is loads of fun even without the app, but the app allows additional ways to communicate and play with Furby!
3. Furby is super expressive and super lovable!
Furby’s new liquid crystal eyes can display emoticons such as hearts, stars and fire for a super range of expression. The digital eyes with animatronic eyelids, and twitching ears and mouth allow Furby to richly express its many different personalities.
4. Furby’s vocabulary (Furbish and English) expands over time!
Initially Furby speaks only Furbish, but Furby can eventually develop a large vocabulary of English words and phrases. The more you play with Furby, the more English it uses. Besides talking, Furby sings songs, snores when sleeping, and even belches and makes other noises as if it were a living creature! Furthermore, a Furby can also recognize another Furby and talk to each other. Depending on their personalities, their interactions will change accordingly.
5. Furby sings and dances to the beat of music!

Furby recognizes music and will sing and dance when music is played. Of course, the way it sings and dances is highly dependent on the personality at that time as well.

The new Furby retails at all major toy and department stores at RM269.90. Pick up your favourite Furby today and get exclusive free Furby-tastic accessories! For more information about Furby, kindly log on to


八打灵再也10 月22 日 讯 -令人爱不释手的 Furby回来啦!相隔14年,Hasbro公司使用全新的科技和独家的 iOS应用程式,替旗下其中一个最著名的玩具换上新装!

「我们对新的Furby重临马来西亚市场而雀跃万分!」大马Hasbro Toy私人有限公司营销经理陈炜棋强调。「一直以来,Furby的主人们无论年纪大小,都不断给予我们各种新奇的正面回应。因此,我们预计新版的Furby会带来更理想的市场反应。崭新的Furby不仅仅是儿童的“玩具”,也是潮流新宠并备有六款鲜艳颜色供收藏!公司将会在市场上陆续推出更多颜色供选择。不过,Furby的头号拥趸们,还及早行动收集您所喜爱的颜色为妙啦!」

思维丰富的新Furby更可爱,触感更真实。其毛绒绒的的毛发掩盖先进感应器,灵巧的身躯和一对可爱的大耳朵。 同时其明亮的眼眸借用 LCD光源科技和灵活眼皮,使Furby的表情更加丰富生动。身体内建的声音感应器,让它可以感应到更广泛的声源,能分辨主人的声音与及其它 Furby的声音,甚至是随着不同音乐的曲风而起舞!

Furby于 1998年首度面市,并且于 1999年由 TOMY公司在日本推介。Furby开启一股新潮流,成为逗人喜爱兼可以聊天与玩乐的新宠物。这一大特点让Furby。单单在第一年就成功在日本售出 3百30万个。而首三年的环球销售记录,更突破4千万!

1) Furby的性格会随着主人的态度而逐渐改变。

2) 新版Furby俱备宠物应用程式
您可以把应用程式下载到iPad®、iPod touch®或者 iPhone®,灵活使用更有趣的宠物照料模式。例如,光顾西饼店或茶水间,用自己选择的配料,让Furby享用虚拟的寿司、比萨、果汁、汉堡和三明治等。因个性而异,您的Furby也可能会特别偏爱或讨厌某种食品,而且还勇于拒绝主人的好意哦!其它应用程式同时也包括了『Furby语』字典和英语翻译功能!Furby在没有应用程式支持下已经为爱好者们带来了许多欢乐,有了应用程式可说是进一步增加了与Furby的互动。)
3) Furby表情超丰富及超级讨人喜爱
Furby的眼睛采用最新的液晶 (LCD)科技,因此可以贴切展现情绪标志如心形、星星和火焰等,具体显化它想表达的情绪。数码眼球、灵活的眼皮,加上俏皮的耳朵和微妙的嘴唇动作,让Furby得以展现自己的性情和感受。
4) Furby的语言生字(Furby语及英语)会随着时间增加

5) Furby能随着音乐和拍子起舞

已在全国各大玩具店和百货商场发售的新Furby,售价为 RM269.90。马上就把最心爱的Furby带回家吧!您还可同时享受免费独家应用程式和配件带来的无尽乐趣。


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