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Ninetology Smart Communication: the New Era for Mobile Technology

New smartphones, tablet installations set to vow Malaysia market 

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 November 2012 – Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd., an Asean mobile device technology company, today introduced its unique Smart Communication system exclusive to the company, which integrates existing and new Ninetology smartphone and tablets.

“Our smartphones and tablets are only one portion of the core of our business ecosystem. Completing the system is Ninetology’s comprehensive communication package consisting of Connectivity, Content, Software, Hardware and Smart Ecology elements,” said Mr. Sean Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Ninetology.

Mr. Sean Ng Chee Heng, Chief Executive Officer, Ninetology ASEAN

“We are proud to be the first organisation in South East Asia to incorporate these five crucial elements in our integrated business model, and this is Ninetology’s biggest strength,” Ng enthused.

The framework covers connectivity with ASEAN Telco providers and mobile partners while all content sources and device applications can be customised for better user interface (UI) and user experience (UE).
 L-R - Mr. Vijian Chan Wai Yew, Brand Manager, Ninetology ASEAN; Mr. Shah Redza Hussein, Executive Director of Malaysian Nature Society; Mr. Sean Ng Chee Heng, Chief Executive Officer, Ninetology ASEAN; Mr. Tan Kim Ming, Director of Yayasan Maha Karuna; and Mr. Beh Heng Thye, Chief Operating Officer, Ninetology ASEAN

Content and data storage are delivered and uploaded in the cloud for simplified management. Meanwhile, the integrated Operating Systems (OS) offer easy-to-use communication, organisation and customisation processes.

Ninetology also took the opportunity to launch its latest line up of smartphones and tablet installations – the Black Pearl II, Stealth II, Outlook Express and Outlook Tablet. 
Mr. Vijian Chan Wai Yew, Brand Manager, Ninetology ASEAN; Mr. Shah Redza Hussein, Executive Director of Malaysian Nature Society; Mr. Sean Ng Chee Heng, Chief Executive Officer, Ninetology ASEAN; Mr. Tan Kim Ming, Director of Yayasan Maha Karuna; and Mr. Beh Heng Thye, Chief Operating Officer, Ninetology ASEAN

With dimensions 127mm x 65.5mm x 9.9mm for a snug fit in your palm, the Black Pearl II comes with Dual SIM connectivity and 1GHz Dual Core Processor for active interactions during work and play. Complementing its exclusive 4.0 inch touch screen display, Black Pearl II is created with a stylish perfection of beautiful curves and presented in a vivacious black hue. The Black Pearl functions on an Android 4.0 operating system.

With outstanding smartphone features as the Dual SIM Connectivity and vivid 5.2 inch touch screen display, Stealth II is an expression of style, class and elegance. Working on an Android 4.0 operating system and 8.0MP camera, this beauty has an irresistible matte finish back cover to prevent minor scratches and fingerprints. 

Featuring a 7.0 inch touch screen display with 4:3 ratios, Outlook Express is making waves in the world of Mobile Internet with its Wi-Fi connectivity.  Up to 32GB Micro SD external storage, in addition to internal memory bank of 2.5GB, outlook express is suitable for business presentations, email interactions and social media interactions.

With crisp 1024 x 768 XGA screen resolution and outstanding image quality, the Outlook tablet presents 8.0 inch touch screen display of pure internet surfing, reading and gaming experience.  Hooked with the Android 4.0 operating system and super HD multimedia player, the Outlook bring about the feeling of being one with technology.

“We are proud to introduce our new line of smart phones and tablets for Malaysian consumers alike. Ninetology has definitely proven its capabilities when we earned a significant market share in the local mobile device industry since our launch in August this year,” said Ng at the product launch.

“We have been experiencing a tremendous growth and thus, we have decided to step up to the game by unveiling our latest devices,” Ng said.

Taking a further green step with the Smart Communication system, Ninetology is now venturing into an additional area called Smart Ecology, a recycle and refurbishment of mobile devices programme, which is in partnership with non-profit organisation, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

In support of MNS’ “Recycle for Nature” campaign for corporate companies, Ninetology will be gathering faulty or unused mobile devices nationwide for a “Green Chemical” recycling system which segregates specific phone components into its respective categories such as glass, plastic, metal and motherboard.  

“Using the salvaged phone components, Ninetology will be responsible for the creation of an entry level smart phone, ‘Palette’ which runs on Gingerbread Android 4.3 OS. This phone will be available nationwide,” said Ng. 

Entry-level smartphone with 3.0 inch touch screen display that runs on Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS and Dual SIM Connectivity. Buyers will enjoy rebates when they buy ‘Palette’. Ninetology will also refurbish usable phones and sell them at a cheaper price to the less fortunate, especially those in the rural areas. A percentage of Palette’s sale and accumulated funds from total sales of refurbished phones will proceed to fund MNS’s nature conservation activities.

Since its initiation in August 2012, Ninetology has sold 20,000 units of smart phones in Malaysia and 15,000 units in Indonesia. It also has sold 8,000 units of tablets in Malaysia and 6,000 units in Indonesia.  

“Our name is derived from the basis of our foundation – the nine distinct mobile product series and services. Together with our intelligent, experienced professionals from various divisions, we have been working on this business concept for 10 years to provide outstanding performance and impactful solutions,” said Ng.

In September, Ninetology introduced its products and services to the Indonesian mobile devices market and engaged Indonesian artist and actress, Agnes Monica as their Brand ambassador. The company will be progressing into the Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore markets by the end of year 2012.

“We have our eyes on the region, and aim to be the one-stop platform for innovation and the nation’s largest mobile technology provider,” said Ng.

In addition to its other new device launches, Ninetology also launched a new feature phone called ‘Vox’ in a campaign called, VOX Gold to raise donation funds for Yayasan Maha Karuna. A percentage of the accumulated sales of ‘Vox’ will be donated to the organisation. 

The below is a table of Ninetology’s newly launched devices and their prices:

The Phantom Series/Black Pearl II/i9400 : RRP RM599
The Phantom Series/Stealth II/i9500 : RRP RM899

Outlook Express Tablet/T7700 : RRP RM499
Outlook Tablet/ T7800 : RRP RM699

Special Additions
Smart Ecology/Palette/i5300 : RRP RM399

Ninetology 智能通讯: 移动科技的新纪元


吉隆坡 11 月 12 日讯 – Ninetology 营销私人有限公司(Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd.),即一家东盟移动设备科技公司,在今天推介其独具一格的智能通讯系统,该独家经销的系统结合了现有和新的 Ninetology 智能电话和平板电脑。

“我们的智能电话和平板电脑只不过是本公司核心业务生态系统的一部分。让该系统齐全完备的乃是 Ninetology 一应俱全的通讯配套,包括联系设备,内容,软件,硬件和智能生态元素,” Ninetology总执行长黄治宪先生(Mr. Sean Ng)表示。

“我们以成为东南亚第一家通过我们的商业模式而结合这五个重要元素的公司为荣,这也是 Ninetology 的最大优势,” 他续称。



Ninetology 也把握良机推介其最新系列的智能电话和平板装置 – 即 Black Pearl II, Stealth II, Outlook Express 和 Outlook Tablet.

尺寸为 127mm x 65.5mm x 9.9mm 的 Black Pearl II 方便握在掌中,它备有双 SIM 联系和 1GHz 双核处理器,以迎合在工作和玩乐时经常保持互动。匹配其独有的 4.0 寸触屏显示,Black Pearl II 别具曲线优美的时尚设计和超炫的黑色机身。Black Pearl 采用 Android 4.0 操作系统。

兼具出众智能电话特点如双 SIM 联系和生动 5.2 寸触屏显示的 Stealth II 可谓集风格,时尚和优雅于一机。该采用 Android 4.0 操作系统和拥有 8.0MP 相机的手机备有令人难以抗拒的糙面底盖,以预防轻微刮痕和指纹。

备有 7.0 寸触屏显示和 4:3 比例的 Outlook Express 正通过其 Wi-Fi 联系风靡移动互联网世界。2.5GB 的内部记忆加上高达 32GB Micro SD 外部储存使到 Outlook Express 尤其适合进行商业简报,电邮互动和社交媒体互动。

兼具清晰的 1024 x 768 XGA 屏幕解析度和出众的影像素质, Outlook 更备有 8.0 寸触屏显示,以呈献最佳互联网浏览,阅读和电玩体验。 配上 Android 4.0 操作系统和顶尖 HD 多媒体播映器的 Outlook 献予您驾驭科技的感觉。

“我们欣然向全体马来西亚人推介本公司的新系列智能电话和平板电脑。Ninetology 肯定已证实了它的能耐,自从在今年 8 月成立以来,我们已在国内移动设备领域取得可观的市场份额,” 黄治宪在产品推介礼上透露。


为了确保该智能通讯系统符合环保之需,Ninetology 已进军另一个称为智能生态系统的领域,这项再循环和翻新移动设备的计划是与非盈利组织,即马来西亚自然协会(MNS)携手推行的。

为了支持 MNS 的企业机构 “为大自然而再循环“ 运动,Ninetology 将在全国各地为一项 “Green Chemical” 再循环系统收集故障或无用的移动设备,它将各种手机组件区分为几个不同的种类,如玻璃,塑料,金属和主机板。

“Ninetology 将负责利用这些回收的手机组件来创制一台入门级的智能电话,即采用 Gingerbread Android 4.3 操作系统的 ‘Palette’。它将在全国各地出售,” 黄治宪补充道。

具备 3.0 寸触屏显示和采用 Gingerbread  Android 2.3 操作系统及双 SIM 联系的入门级智能电话。

在购买 ‘Palette’ 时,买家将获享回扣。Ninetology 也将翻新尚可使用的手机和以较低价格卖给弱势群体,尤其是来自乡区者。售卖 Palette 所得的一部分款额和来自售卖翻新手机之销售总额的累积基金将用来资助 MNS 的保护大自然活动。

自从在 2012 年 8 月成立以来,Ninetology 已分别在马来西亚和印尼售出 20,000  台和 15,000 台智能电话。它也分别在马来西亚和印尼售出了 8,000  台和 6,000 台平板电脑。

“我们的名称是基于本公司的基础 – 即九种卓越的移动产品系列和服务。连同本公司旗下各部门的聪明且经验丰富专业人士,我们已采用这个商业概念长达十年,以提供出众的表现和有用的解决方案,” 他指出。

在 9 月,在印尼移动设备市场推出其产品和服务,并礼聘印尼艺人 Agnes Monica 担任其品牌大使。该公司也将在 2012 年底进军越南,柬埔寨和新加坡市场。

“我们放眼本区域,并希望崛起为一站式平台兼国内最具规模的移动科技提供商,” 黄治宪总结道。

除了推介其各种新的设备,Ninetology 也举办一项称为 VOX Gold 的活动而推出一种新的特殊电话,即 ‘Vox’,以便为 Yayasan Maha Karuna 筹款。售卖 ‘Vox’ 所得的一部分款项将捐助该机构。

下表所列乃是 Ninetology 新近推介的设备及其价格:

The Phantom Series/Black Pearl II/i9400
推荐零售价 RM599
The Phantom Series/Stealth II/i9500
推荐零售价 RM899
Outlook Express Tablet/T7700
推荐零售价 RM499
Outlook Tablet/ T7800
推荐零售价 RM699
Special Additions
Smart Ecology/Palette/i5300
推荐零售价 RM399

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