Sunday, June 23, 2013

Schneider Electric Launched New Offers at the ARCHIDEX 2013

During the ARCHIDEX 2013, Schneider Electric revealed two of its latest offer, Xightor Pro Entrance Control System and Arcato Designer Switches

Kuala Lumpur, 20 June 2013 – Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management unveiled Xightor Pro Entrance Control System and the Arcato Designer Switches at the ARCHIDEX 2013, the region's most significant trade event for the Built and Design Industry.

Xightor Pro is a comprehensive touchscreen video door phone, which works as an entrance control system, offering easy and safe monitoring and communication while ensuring round the clock security for home users. Xightor Pro is easy-to-install, easy-to-use and easy-to-expand, offering many other innovative functions and features. Its flat flush mount installation design ensures that no protrusion rack is needed for the wall installation.

Introducing the two newly launched products, Xightor and Arcato at Schneider Electric’s Booth.

Unlike others, the Xightor Pro touchscreen video door phone can be installed seamlessly on the wall. Inspired by the award-winning ZENcelo full-flat switch, the Xightor Pro touchscreen video door phone maintains the same design excellence with a full-flat surface, adding a stylish touch to your interior design. Other features include the video door phone where the camera captures real-time video that users can view their image and talk to visitors before pressing the unlock button. With the introduction of Xightor, Malaysian homes will be able to enjoy style and security under one roof while meeting user needs for aesthetics, quality of life and greener living.

At the event, Schneider Electric also launched Arcato, a new range of designer switches. Arcato switches are slim and durable with a fashionable matte surround and easy-to-clean gloss dolly finish. Schneider Electric also showcased Wiser Home Control Automation at the exhibition. Wiser Home Control is also able to integrate Xightor Pro entrance control system, alarms, web cameras, light, mobile phones and internet for a complete peace of mind.

With Wiser Home Control, it enables users to have a better control over their home life. What sets Wiser Home Control apart from other home automation is the seamless control of lighting, music, home theatre, security systems and much more.
Schneider Electric showcasing the two newly launched products, Xightor and Arcato at ARCHIDEX’13. 

Wiser Home Control also provides homeowners with the unique ability to save energy. Users can measure how much energy they are consuming on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. This allows them to monitor the energy costs saved when they alternate the temperatures on their air conditioners or turn off the lights during the day. It is also a scalable solution which is flexible and easy to install. It also enables user to plan wisely to achieve an eco-friendly and energy efficient way of life without compromising on style.

“I’m pleased to be officially launching Xightor Pro Entrance Control System and Arcato designer switch in Malaysia today.  Schneider Electric provides solutions that represent the best in lifestyle and innovation. We are committed to not only help customers reduce energy consumption, but also improve the quality of their lifestyle”, said Francis Heng, Partner Retail Vice President of Schneider Electric.

As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric is dedicated to building world-class and high-quality switch panels and lighting control solutions for residential housing, hotels, commercial buildings and public infrastructure that meet the needs of these different environments. Currently, Schneider Electric has a comprehensive range of switches in the Malaysia market, which includes ZENcelo, Pieno, and Neo, to name a few.

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