Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cooler Master launch CM Storm New Tools to Take Back the Battlefield

White Series comes with a stylish black & white design, offer new color for gamer options. CM Storm Ceres-400, High Quality 40mm drivers bring out every details in the game, so people can react quickly and her where the actions is.
Recon Gaming Mice with a pair of Omron Micro switches and Avago 3090 optical sensor 800-4000dpi on-the-fly as well as integrating 5 profiles and 36 macros to personalize the mouse at your won preference. QuickFire TK gaming mechanical keyboard is full LED backlighting design, and the slim and lightweight size gives you plenty of room for your mouse.

Devastator, An Overwhelming combo. Precise. Responsive. Comfortable. 
CM Storm Devastator, a killer keyboard and mouse combo tuned to get you into the game faster. An overwhelming combo, Devastator includes the MS2K Precision Mouse and MB24 Ergonomic Keyboard that are featured packed to satisfy the needs of gamers. Each is balanced between convenience, durability, and precision, which results in a winning combination.

The MS2K Precision Mouse includes on-the-fly DPI mode switching (800/1600/2000) that allows you to quickly switch between precise and rapid movements during heated battles. Its ergonomic body is formed to give you a comfortable experience, even after hours of use. A large and highly accurate mouse wheel effortlessly glides to make switching between weapons or scrolling through large documents an easy task. MS2K grants you extreme stability through solid rubber pads on its sides.

The MB24 Keyboard is suited to be deployed in many spaces while offering you vital comfort over long periods of use. For a more durable and improved tactile experience, MB24 utilizes a custom membrane design. Adding to this durability, each keycap is both laser etched and textured to provide more grip. A hurried run through a game or competition can often cause some keyboard shifting due to the high rate of key presses. MB24 includes slide-resistant rubber pads on its underside to help quell these disruptive shifts. Changing your battle theme should not require you to wait for a lull in combat. MB24 includes dedicated multimedia keys that leave your most commonly needed functions readily available for a quick change. The warm glow of the MB24 Keyboard’s blue LED backlight makes your keyboard visible in even the darkest rooms and LANs. When lighting is no longer needed, a fast toggle key lets you switch the LED backlighting on and off as needed.

The QuickFire XT, a full 104 key gaming keyboard, a sibling to the top-rated QuickFire Rapid. Exhibiting the same extremely solid construction that won the hearts of QuickFire Rapid owners, the QuickFire XT utilizes top-rated Cherry MX mechanical switches available in various switch types to give a more unique and customized typing experience. Featuring a smooth and clean aesthetic, ultra-slim body design, and adjustable repeat rates, the QuickFire XT also includes laser-marked keycaps and a non-glossy matte finish. This total package is complemented by a set of extra keycaps (including a key puller) that give the keyboard, and its user, a bit of individuality that provides a striking outlook.
PITCH Gaming Earphone uses 10mm drivers, the largest we could fit into in-ear headphones, delivering crystal clear sound and powerful bass. A solid metal casing and a special rubber cap design in 3 sizes result in excellent passive noise isolation, besting some active noise canceling systems on the market. And the intuitive super slim mic, in-line remote, tangle free flat cables and high quality pouch make it a truly ultra portable gaming headset.
The solid metal earphone body is first anodized and electrically plated, and then marked and engraved with a high power laser for maximum durability. Large 10mm drivers for crystal clear highs and powerful bass. Ergonomic ear-bud design for maximum comfort and noise cancellation. The built-in high sensitivity Microphone records clear audio within a limited range to avoid background noise. An intuitive design make it a breeze to switch between music or games and phone calls. The extra-flat and ultra-durable cable prevent most knots and twists – never spent 5 minutes un-tangling your earphones again! Every Pitch comes with a splitter with separate audio and mic plugs for Laptops and PCs that don’t feature a mobile all-in-one 3.5mm port.

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