Monday, July 1, 2013


“A digital cinema provides multiple possibilities to spur the industry as a whole.” 

That was the message that was shared by Gerald V Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Officer of TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd (TGV Cinemas) at a recent media event. The event was organised in conjunction with TGV Cinemas’ announcement that it was now 100% digital, following the installation of 164 units of Christie DLP Digital Cinema® CP2220 digital projectors. The successful completion of the project has also resulted in the extension of TGV Cinemas’ partnership with Christie Digital Systems Inc, USA (Christie), with the acquisition for an additional 200 units of Christie  Solaria® series digital cinema projectors!

As Malaysia’s leading film exhibitor, this partnership represents a step forward for TGV Cinemas in redefining cinematic experience for cinema-goers.

from left: Tho Tuck Woh, Managing Director of Redberry Ambient, Lin Yu, Vice President of Christie Asia Pacific, Gerald V. Dibbaywan, CEO of TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd and Johan Lucas, Chief Marketing Officer of KRU Studios.

“With the technological advancement in movie making, the cinema industry has also evolved in tandem. Now, international films are all made, edited and saved in digital format. TGV Cinemas’ decision to go fully digital is our way of committing to our patrons brilliant and crystal clear images in whatever movies they choose to watch,” shared Gerald.  

Christie Digital Systems Inc, USA, a global leader in visual technologies provides some of the world’s most advanced projectors and innovative system displays including digital cinema projectors, 3D virtual reality and simulation projection systems,  and control room monitoring solutions. The Christie DLP Digital Cinema® CP2220 digital projector is an all-in-one digital cinema projection solution that effectively combines stunning visual projection quality, reliability and performance and is the most cost-efficient projector in its class.
“Christie enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with TGV Cinemas, and is proud to be able to make our mark and contribute together with them in bringing the local Malaysian cinema industry to yet another level. We extend our congratulations to TGV Cinemas for becoming 100% digital and look forward continuing this partnership,” said Lin Yu, Vice President of Christie  Asia Pacific.

Commenting on the industry, Gerald shared that the partnership is also a smart business move as it is not only eco-friendly, but also cost effective in the long-run as their operating systems are brought under centralised platforms.

“We can consolidate and programme our movie schedules in all our locations much more effectively and furthermore, we need not be concerned about carbon emissions when transporting film rolls,” he further expanded.

In addition to enhancing the viewers’ enjoyment of the film, a digital cinema also plays a part in helping to develop the local film and advertising industry. As such, TVG Cinemas is honoured to play a part in encouraging the creativity and growth of these two markets.

Present to support the event and lend their insights on the matter were Johan Lucas, Chief Marketing Officer of KRU Studios and Tho Tuck Woh, Managing Director of Redberry Ambient who is TGV Cinemas’ media partner.

Sharing his thoughts on the industry, Johan said, “A fully digital cinema is a move forward for local film producers to step up their game and find new ways of improving their craft and engaging the audience. With this advancement, we will be challenged to create movies that are high in quality and commercially appealing locally and globally. The technology for local films to match the quality of Hollywood productions is presently available today however issues such as higher investment for production and upgrading of local skilled film workers, need to be addressed to expand the industry.”

“Currently, most producers find the financial aspects of adopting new technology into their film-making process challenging. Nonetheless, it serves as an encouragement to producers to consider the mass appeal and cinematography aspects of their movies and work correspondingly towards levelling up,” he continued.
Speaking from an advertising point of view, Tho is of the opinion that digital cinemas will change the way advertising agencies and brands communicate, encouraging them to reconsider their approach in engaging their consumers.

“The cinema advertising market is largely untapped in Malaysia and I feel that there are ample opportunities to produce more enticing, interactive and creative advertisements. 3D movies are fast becoming a preferred option by movie-goers especially when available. So if there are 3D movies, why not 3D advertisements?” said Tho.

He continued to point out that some brands are already producing 3D advertisements overseas such as LG and Samsung.

Echoing Tho’s comments, Gerald reiterated that TGV Cinemas aim is to redefine the cinematic experience for movie-goers in Malaysia which includes how brands utilise their products and services to communication with consumers.

With their concept cinemas halls like the IMAX®, Beanieplex and now their state-of-the-art projectors, patrons will be able to go home raving not just about the movie, but also of the overall experience in TGV Cinemas. Gerald also thanked Christie and Redberry Ambient, as well as KRU Studios for their continued support and partnership.

As part of the event and in conjunction with their upcoming digital film, Johan shared the vision about KRU Studios’ upcoming movie, Vikingdom.

“The movie is created for digital format with an international cast to create a mass appeal. It is a twist to the Viking mythology intertwined with Viking history with a generous dose of mixed martial arts action-packed scenes. It is filmed in the style of the movie ‘300’, in stereoscopic 3D with elaborate visual effects and astounding battle sequences,” expanded Johan.

Vikingdom is scheduled to be released in Malaysia on 12th September 2013 and staring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break, Killer Elite), Craig Fairbrass (Cliffhanger) and Natassia Malthe (Dead of Alive, This Means War).

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