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Avnet and Red Hat Collaboration Supports the Increasing Interest in Open Source Solutions in Malaysia

Avnet Solutions Center provides IT facilities for enterprise applications and open source platforms compatibility testing

PETALING JAYA, 21 August 2013 – Avnet Technology Solutions, a global IT solutions distribution leader and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), today signed a distribution agreement locally with Red Hat, Inc.,the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, to offer open source enterprise solutions across Malaysian sectors.

Chiew Yue Lam, General Manager of Avnet Technology Solutions Malaysia, shared that the first collaboration with Red Hat to set up the open source-based Avnet Solutions Center (ASC), will be open to all Avnet and Red Hat customers and partners in Malaysia.

(Left to Right) 1. Mr Damien Wong, General Manager of Red Hat ASEAN. 2. Mr Chiew Yue Lam, General Manager of Avnet Technology Solutions Malaysia.

“Avnet is delighted to accelerate the success of our customers and partners with Linux platforms, open source operating systems and servers” said Chiew, “these platforms are well-poised to leverage the growing trends of cloud computing, big data and mobile technologies”.

According to the IDC, overall server revenue shrank 7.7 percent year-over-year. However, Linux bucked the trend to grow 3.4 percent year-over-year. (Source: IDC, May 2013)

Chiew added, “We see growing demand for open source solutions in Malaysia. Therefore, partnering with Red Hat is a step towards our goal of being the leading IT distributor in Malaysia.”

First Testing Facility in Malaysia for Open Source Solution Adoption
The collaboration also makes Avnet the first and only distributor of Red Hat in Malaysia to offer a testing facilities for companies to test-run the compatibility of open source solutions with their existing IT applications and systems.

Chiew shared, “Cost and implementation are key challenges that often hinder local companies from adopting new technologies. The ASC addresses these concerns by allowing companies to test and select the right technology solutions for their IT requirements whichreduces the risks associated with migration. Companies can also gauge the level of return from their IT investments more accurately.”

Located in Avnet’s office based at Menara UAC, Damansara Perdana, ASC is a world class IT infrastructure testbed equipped with servers, virtualized machines, and integration services. It was primarily designed for Proof of Concept activities, IT solution migration testing, demonstrations, and IT skill learning and training programs.

A Boost to Red Hat’s ASEAN Expansion
Damien Wong, general manager of Red Hat ASEAN, said that the partnership with Avnet is in line with the company’s recently announced business strategy and investment into Red Hat’s channel partner ecosystems for vertical expansion in ASEAN.

“Selecting Avnet as our local partner is a strategic business move. With Avnet's expertise and Red Hat's portfolio of open source IT solutions, we are confident that this collaboration can bring greater value to both partners and customers alike in Malaysia, as well as extend our business reach into key verticals such as government and financial services,” said Wong.

This collaboration allows Avnet to distribute the full range of Red Hat’s solutions, which include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat JBoss Middleware solutions in Malaysia.

Chiew concluded, “The flexible nature of Red Hat Enterprise Linux makes it the platform of choice for many enterprise cloud deployments. The collaboration with Red Hat will accelerate our pace venturing into this new emerging market.”



八打靈再也,2013年8月21日 - 安富利科技解決方案,全球科技解決方案分銷供应商,安富利公司(NYSE:AVT)其中之一子公司, 今天与Red Hat(NYSE:RHT),世界領先的科技開源解決方案供應商在本地簽署了一項分銷協議,为馬來西亞商业提供企業級的開源解決方案。

马来西亚安富利科技解决方案全国总经理赵汝霖表示與Red Hat的合作是基於为安富利和Red Hat的客戶和合作夥伴在馬來西亞設立具開放源碼科技的安富利解決方案中心(Avnet Solutions Center, ASC)。

“在Big Data的來臨下,雲端科技加上不斷增長的流动科技,Linux平台, 一项開源性的操作系統和服務器面料将成为企業科技成长的一個關鍵,”赵说.

雖然整體服務器收入只见增長3.1%,比去年同期(同比),Linux在本季度同比增長了12.7%。 僅供參考,Windows同比增長3.2%,而UNIX服务器见降24.1%。(數據來源:IDC全球服務器市場季度跟踪報告4Q12)。

赵補充:“我們看到了在馬來西亞類似的開源科技解決方案的需求趨勢。與Red Hat合作,是安富利對履行我們的角色为在馬來西亞全先的科技分銷商的一個合乎邏輯的舉动。”



赵说,”巨大的前期投資,不相宜的採購和科技項目實施的失敗,是三個最關鍵往往阻礙本地公司採用新的科技技術的挑戰。 ASC作為一個重要的資源解決了這些問題,让客户能够測試和選擇正確的科技解決方案,為他們的科技设施升級。“

位於安富利設在Damansara Perdana 的UAC大楼辦公室,ASC是作为明概念活動特別設計的科技基礎設施,科技解決方案移植試驗,示範,和科技技能的學習和培訓計劃的地方。

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