Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Iskandar Malaysia, the next destination of choice for outsourcing

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 August 2013 – Outsourcing Malaysia (OM), an initiative under PIKOM, today announced that i2M Ventures Sdn Bhd (“i2M”), which focuses on strategic investment promotion initiatives for the Business Services sector in Iskandar Malaysia, will be the host sponsor for the Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit (APOS) which will be held at Traders Hotel, Iskandar Malaysia, between 21–24 October 2013.

One of the highlights of the summit will be the announcement of several key projects in Iskandar Malaysia that are set to escalate the outsourcing industry.

OM Chairman David Wong shares that development and enhancement of the outsourcing industry’s value and positioning in the global marketplace is one of the key Entry Point Projects (EPP) identified by the government. In turn the local industry has an immense opportunity to serve growing regional and complex global markets through provisioning high-value services / solutions. With both these pressures in place, Iskandar Malaysia has great potential to thrive in this industry.

David Wong, the Chairman of Outsourcing Malaysia together with the Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit (APOS) 2013 sponsors. (From the left) 
·         Billy Lee the Chairman of the Malaysian Data Center Alliance – Regional Sponsors of APOS 2013 
·         Ganesh Bangah the CEO of MSC Cyberport Sdn. Bhd – Gold Sponsors of APOS 2013
David Wong, the Chairman of Outsourcing Malaysia 
Zulfiqar Zainuddin from i2M Ventures Sdn Bhd a wholly owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad – Host Sponsors of APOS 2013
·         Woon Tai Hai the Executive Director-Management Consulting, Advisory of KPMG - Gold Sponsors of APOS 2013

“Malaysia has experienced significant growth in recent years despite the global economic downturn especially in Europe, since companies worldwide are focusing on opportunities to bring down costs by being effective, efficient and innovative”, says Wong. “The upcoming Asia Pacific Outsourcing Summit that is slated to be a major event would focus on these stories and the near-term opportunities available in fast-growing markets. APOS concurrently establishes an undeniably cohesive link between outsourcing and economic development”, he adds.

“OM is excited to have i2M on board as the host sponsor for APOS. Indeed, this shows the government’s serious take on efforts to drive Malaysia’s outsourcing industry as a strong economic growth for the country, and as a strategic driver for value creation,” says Wong.

Zulfiqar Zainuddin, the Managing Director of i2M, a wholly-owned Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah) subsidiary, says, “The APOS summit will be the perfect platform to share the key upcoming projects we have been working on for Iskandar Malaysia.  This event will place Iskandar Malaysia in the limelight as a major potential hub for the region’s outsourcing market.” This is the first time the summit is hosted in Iskandar Malaysia.

“Our team has been tasked with a heavy yet crucial role in the next development phase of Iskandar Malaysia. Now that we see the infrastructure developments gradually picking up its natural pace, the commercial development needs to follow suit. The relevance of Iskandar to Malaysians can only be felt through economic opportunities and the development of employment in industries such as the outsourcing sector. The next 18 months will be crucial as we try to match the demands of industry with the infra and commercial developments,” adds Zulfiqar.

In 2012, Frost & Sullivan, a US based growth consulting company opened their Global Innovation Centre in Iskandar Malaysia. By the end of 2019, the company aims to create 830 new jobs.

“Frost & Sullivan is just the beginning for outsourcing in Iskandar Malaysia. We are in the midst of finalising a few deals. Winning the projects is just half of the battle. We need to ensure the projects are delivered successfully as promised,” says Zulfiqar.

Besides i2M, companies such as MSC Cyberport Sdn. Bhd., Accenture, KPMG, VADS and Malaysian Data Center Alliance are some of the other sponsors for the APOS Summit.

Wong says that although Malaysia has strong domain knowledge in sectors such as Financial Services, Oil and Gas as well as logistics, the outsourcing industry has not reached its full potential.

“While the industry has been posting decent growth rates, there is a bigger potential for growth and we hope the hosting of a regional summit such as APOS will give the industry the much needed boost and exposure,” adds Wong.

Outsourcing Malaysia Excellence Awards 2013
Meanwhile, the much awaited annual Outsourcing Malaysia Excellence Awards 2013 winners will be announced on the second day of the APOS summit.

Wong says, “The awards are one of the many efforts done by OM to encourage and boost the outsourcing industry in Malaysia. The awards recognises the best practices of Malaysian outsourcing companies who continue to challenge themselves and better their services as well as the industry.”

This year OM has introduced a new award entitled “Outsourcing Leader of the Year” to recognise individuals that have played a significant role in contributing towards the growth of the outsourcing industry in Malaysia.

The APOS Summit at Iskandar is expected to attract over 400 delegates, with 30 percent of the delegates from around the world. The summit is being organised in partnership with the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and is the first of a five year partnership between OM and IAOP. There will be plenary sessions and education tracks focused on trends, disruptions and predictions, technology innovations and more. The conference will be held at the Traders Hotel,  Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia, Malaysia.

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