Thursday, August 1, 2013

Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c with Cloud Management Capabilities

From Consolidation to Cloud, New Capabilities Enable Businesses Oracle Customers to Bring the Power of Oracle Database 12c to IT Operations for Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Kuala Lumpur, 31 July 2013 - Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL), the world's No.1 database solution leading IT solution provider, today announced the availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to compliment and deliver integrated management for Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c combined with the power of Oracle Database 12c’s multitenant architecture enables customers to easily consolidate, clone and manage many databases as one, improving IT productivity by reducing the time needed to perform administrative tasks and providing the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues.  through comprehensive diagnostics and analysis capabilities.

Sushil Kumar, vice president, Product Strategy and Business Development, Oracle said that IT management is becoming increasingly complex and cstly as enterprises continue to implement private clouds

“Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is being used by organizations around the world for its broad set of cloud-enabling and management capabilities. Oracle Database 12c is a new paradigm in database technology that promises to make IT rethink how they store and manage data in the cloud. By extending Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to enable managing ‘many as one,’ with the new database release, Oracle is making it even easier for customers to significantly reduce IT management costs, avoid critical issues and outages and free up resources for other business-critical tasks.”

Increased IT Productivity and Enhanced Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c’s next-generation automation capabilities allow administrators to streamline IT management processes, free up resources and reduce overall costs. The new cloud lifecycle management capabilities for Oracle Database 12c include:

I)     Innovative management for multitenant databases: Offers customers in-depth intelligence into capacity planning, post-consolidation performance and faster deployments for consolidated database environments.

II)    Enhancements for continued industry leading performance management: Focused on streamlining database administration, allowing administrators to make faster decisions and spend less time analyzing issues, improving overall service quality and IT productivity.

III)   New capabilities for deploying and managing database clouds: Enable consolidation, standardization, self-service automation and showback/chargeback while lowering cost of delivering database as a service (DBaaS). The new DBaaS features work on Oracle Database 10g and above.

New database management capabilities are available with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3. Customers running earlier releases of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can add the new functionality using the self-update console

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