Monday, August 5, 2013

LINE BAND Version 2.0 Extends Private Social Networking Features

- LINE BAND version 2.0 provides convenient features for individual or smaller group chat and keyword search in group boards
- PC web version of LIND BAND is now available in nine languages including Malay
- LINE BAND reaches 15 million downloads in less than a year after the launch, illustrating its ceaseless growth in the global market

Kuala Lumpur, August 5, 2013 – LINE BAND, a private group networking service that provides exclusive space to efficiently facilitate and manage real-life relationships as a group, announced the launch of its version 2.0. Functioning like a private social networking group, the new version includes convenient features such as advanced chatting and a keyword search function in group boards. LINE BAND is also made available on desktop ( with nine different language supports, allowing users worldwide to enjoy LINE BAND more conveniently from their PCs or tablets.

LINE BAND’s efforts in improving group communication reflected in version 2.0 truly address users’ need for more private and convenient communication. Previous versions of LINE BAND only allowed chatting with group members as a whole, but now, LINE BAND users can enjoy individual chats with selected members without leaving the BAND app to send messages via SMS or other messengers. This function is particularly useful for larger groups that have been looking forward to such improvements.

The 2.0 version also provides a keyword search function in bulletin boards to allow user to conveniently look for a particular content. Just by typing a certain keyword or the name of a member, related posts from the copious amount of content in bulletin boards are highlighted for the users’ own convenience. Due to the steady growth of active users, the accumulated content of each BAND have been increasing, making the development of this feature inevitable.

In addition, LINE BAND released its PC web beta version ( that offers basic functions such as bulletin boards, photos, all-member chat, and members’ information to provide convenience to users. Since PC web is built in a responsive web format, even non-smartphone users can conveniently enjoy LINE BAND anywhere by using a PC, tablet, or any mobile browser. The PC web version is now available in English, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. The official version will be released in 4Q with support for even more languages.
LINE BAND has shown ceaseless growth and strengthened its position as the top global private SNS, surpassing 15 million downloads with over 5 million groups, in less than a year since its initial release in August 2012. In addition to individual users, LINE BAND has been increasingly joined by organizational users from companies, schools, alumni associations, and other organizations that require group communication for official purposes. LINE BAND has become the ideal solution for such groups, who had had difficulties finding a communication tool with group-focused features.

Mike Won, head of business development & global marketing at LINE BAND, said, “We expect that the 2.0 update will strengthen LINE BAND as a fully-equipped service for group communication. We are now aiming to acquire more users from the global market by addressing the problems that may result from the differences in mobile environments across countries. We have been reviewing user feedback from each market to provide better experiences in using our app and will continue to support global users.”

LINE BAND 2.0版扩展私人社交网络功能 
- LINE BAND 2.0版为个人或小组聊天提供更方便的功能,以及群组提示板关键字搜索
- LINE BAND电脑版现在拥有9种语言,包括国语
- LINE BAND推介后不到半年,下载次数达1500万次,说明了其在全球市场正在不断地增长

吉隆坡,2013年8月5日 – LINE BAND是一个私人组网络服务,为客户提供一个专属的空间,让您有效地促进和管理现实生活的群组关系。而LINE BAND今天正式推介2.0版本。它的运作有如私人社交网络组,全新的版本包括便捷的功能,如先进的聊天组以及群组提示板关键字搜索功能。LINE BAND同时也可下载到桌面电脑 (,9种语言供选择,让全球用户都可以舒适的在电脑或平板电脑享用LINE BAND。

2.0版真正反映出了LINE BAND一直致力于提高小组通信的努力,让用户可以拥有更多的私人和便捷的通讯。之前的LINE BAND只允许以整体组合的方式聊天。但如今,LINE BAND用户可以享受个人聊天的乐趣,他们可以自己选择聊天对象,不需要退出BAND应用程序也可以发送短讯或者其他信息。此项功能对于较大群组的用户很有用,这也是他们一直期待着的改进。


除此以外,LINE BAND也推出了PC web beta版本(,提供了基本且方便的功能,包括提示板、照片、所有成员聊天和成员资料。由于PC web 是响应式网页格式,即使非智能手机用户都可以舒适的在任何地方,通过电脑、平板电脑或任何手机浏览器使用LINE BAND。PC web版本现在备有英文、国语、华语、韩语、日语、泰语、西班牙语、印地语和越南语。正式版本将在第四季度推出市场,同时拥有更多的语言。

LINE BAND自2012年8月推介以来,在不到一年的时间已经显著的不断增长,并巩固了其作为全球私人SNS,在500万个组别里的下载次数超过1500万次。除了个人用户,越来越多的群组陆续加入 LINE BAND,包括公司、学校、校友会和其他需要组合性官方沟通的组织。LINE BAND已经成为了这些群体的理想解决方案,因为实在不容易找到一个拥有专注于群组性的通讯工具。

LINE BAND业务发展和全球市场营销主管Mike Won说到:“我们估计2.0版的更新将可以加强LINE BAND成为一个群组沟通设备齐全的服务。我们现在的目标是可以获得全球市场更多用户寄予我们回应,让我们知道他们在自己的国家不同的环境使用时所面对的问题。我们已经在审查每个市场的用户回应,以便在使用我们的应用程序时有更好的体验,我们也将继续支援全球的用户。”

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