Thursday, October 24, 2013

DiGi empowers businesses with fast, easy and secure mobile payment solution

Partners CIMB Bank to enable a new mobile credit and debit card payment system for as low as RM20 per month

SHAH ALAM, 24 October 2013 – DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“DiGi”) today introduced a new mobile card payment solution to its range of value offerings to further empower its growing base of SME and enterprise customers. This collaborative effort with CIMB Bank and its Plug n Pay solution paves the way for DiGi to enable credit and debit card payment facilities on the go for its SME and enterprise business customers with a full-packaged mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) plan that includes a pocket-size EMV card reader, an Android device and data services.

The launch of Malaysia’s first ever mobile cards payment system this week means consumers now have an additional avenue to pay with their credit or debit card, reducing the risk of cash transactions and aligned with central bank’s vision for Malaysia to be a cashless society.

3rd from left -  Albern Murty - Chief Marketing Officer of DiGi making the first payment via Plug n Pay at the launch of DiGi's mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) service today. 
(L-R of the rest) : Chang Chew Soon - Chief Executive Office of Soft Space Sdn Bhd, Kevin Lee Guan Keong - Head for M2M (Mobile to Mobile) of DiGi, Albern Murty, Renzo Viegas - Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Consumer Banking of CIMB Bank, Sufriady Mohd Yusuf - Executive Director of Sunlight Unicablink and Safdar Khan - Country Head for Malaysia and Brunei at Mastercard Worldwide.

Speaking at the launch DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer Albern Murty said, “This new innovation offers fast, easy and secure payment platform leveraging on mobile connectivity. We believe that mobile internet empowers societies and is a powerful catalyst for businesses. This is reflective of our continued effort to bring relevant services that help business customers harness the power of the internet for improved efficiencies and growth while benefiting their respective customers.

“We have partnered many businesses over the years and understand the importance of introducing solutions that drives competitiveness and at a price point that gives customers best value. mPOS is one such solution and we will make it easily accessible to more SMEs and enterprise businesses with the convenience of a full-packaged plan at the most affordable price in the market,” added Albern.

CIMB Group’s Deputy CEO and Head of Consumer Banking Renzo Viegas said, “We're extremely pleased to have DiGi as one of the partners in the commercialisation of CIMB Bank's Plug n Pay mPOS solution. This type of service has become a necessity for business and fully supports Bank Negara Malaysia's push into the 'cashless' space. We look forward to great things from this partnership."

The mobility feature of mPOS enables new and improved payment method for a wide range of businesses. It allows big volume businesses to close in on a sale faster and improve efficiency. It personalizes service for front-liners for any service industries. It also allows small ‘mom and pop’ shops, and for increasingly popular transactions on-the-go such as food delivery, insurance sales or home-based businesses access to a convenient and mobile payment option that otherwise depend on cash.

Elaborating on the company’s ambition to extend the benefit of mobile internet to more Malaysian enterprises, Albern explained, “Mobile connectivity today enables far-reaching benefits beyond the obvious voice, sms and surfing capabilities. We are seeing more machines, vehicles and devices connect to the Internet resulting in cost savings from simplified processes; improved service delivery through more efficient processes and real-time data; and opportunities for new revenue streams.

“Malaysia will see a wave of new innovation in financial services and healthcare in particular leveraging on connected services in the coming months. DiGi has an ambition to accelerate adoption of machine-to-machine services and will lead the way in enabling delivery of more intelligent and reliable solutions for Malaysian businesses.”

DiGi’s Plug n Pay mPOS service plan comes with a full-packaged Android device and EMV card reader for RM715 and a monthly commitment of RM20. Customers have the flexibility to upgrade devices and internet plan in addition to the option to bundle voice services, depending on their needs.

With mPOS, customers and merchants have the peace of mind using a secured card acceptance service provided by CIMB Bank and convenience riding on Visa and Mastercard payment platforms. Merchants will be able to accept payments and use the service at any location where there is 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity. mPOS is a technology innovation by Soft Space, a Malaysian payment platform and service provider.

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DiGi 通过快捷,简易且安全的移动付款方案造福商家

与 CIMB 银行合作提供每月低至 RM20 的新移动信用卡及扣账卡付款系统

莎亚南 10 月 24 日讯 - DiGi 电讯私人有限公司("DiGi")今天推介一项新的移动卡付款方案,以献予其日益增加的中小型企业和企业客户群更大方便。该与 CIMB 银行合作的倡议让 DiGi 得以为其中小型企业和企业顾客提供移动式信用卡和扣账卡付款便利,它们是通过全套移动销售点(mPOS)计划做到这一点,该计划包括一个口袋型的 EMV 读卡器,一台 Android 装置和数据服务。


据 Digi 的首席营销长 AlbernMurty 在推介仪式上透露,"这项创新将善用移动联系,并呈献快捷,简易且安全的付款平台。我们相信,移动互联网将可强化社会,对商家而言更是一种强劲的催化剂。这也反映我们不遗余力呈献合时宜的服务,以协助企业顾客充分利用互联网的力量来改善效率和促进成长,同时可让它们的顾客受惠。"

"过去多年来,我们已经与许多商家合作,并了解推介可带来竞争优势之方案和提供能献予顾客最佳价值价位的重要性。 mPOS 正是这么一种方案,而我们将确保更多中小型企业和企业顾客更容易使用它,即通过提供市场上几个最实惠的全套计划," Albern 补充道。

MPOS 的移动特点使到该全新和改良的付款方式适宜系列广泛的商家。它可让生意量庞大的商家更快完成交易和提升效率。它也个性化任何服务领域的前线服务,方便小型的商店,并为日益流行的移动交易如食物外卖,保险销售或住家商业带来方便和呈献移动付款选项,而无需依赖现金。

提及该公司希望延伸移动互联网优势予更多马来西亚企业的理想时,Albern 解释道,"当今的移动联系可带来超逾语音,简讯和浏览功能的深远优势。我们亲睹更多的机器,车辆和终端联系到互联网,从而通过简化程序而节省成本;通过更高效率的程序和实时数据来改进服务交付;以及增加收益的良机。"

"未来几个月,马来西亚将见证金融服务和保健领域的一股创新浪潮,特别是充分利用联系服务。DiGi 的理想是加速采用机器对机器服务,并将率先为马来西亚商家呈献更多智能和可靠的方案。"

Digi 的 Plug n Pay mPOS 服务齐备包括一台 Android 装置和 EMV 读卡器的全套计划,仅售 RM715 和每月 RM20 的基本消费。顾客们可自由升级他们的装置和互联网计划,并可选择捆绑语音服务,视本身的需要而定。

通过 mPOS,顾客和商家们将因使用 CIMB 银行提供的安全卡受理服务,以及 Visa 和 Mastercard 付款便利而高枕无忧。商家亦可接受付款和在任何备有 2G,3G 或 4G 联系的地点使用该服务。mPOS 乃是 Soft Space,即一家马来西亚付款平台和服务提供商,所推出的科技创新。


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