Thursday, October 24, 2013

Monster Malaysia Redefines the Way Employers Search for Talent

Company Launches ‘Monster mPower Search,’ A Simple, Fast and Intuitive Way for Employers to ‘Find Better’

Kuala Lumpur, October 23, 2013: Monster Malaysia, one of the leading online career and recruitment solutions provider and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide in Malaysia today announced the launch of ‘Monster mPower Search’, a next generation people search technology that redefines the way employers search for talent. ‘Monster mPower Search’ delivers on Monster’s goal to help job seekers and employers ‘Find Better,’ in this case through a simple, fast and intuitive way for employers to find the talent they need.

Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India/Middle East/Southeast Asia) said, “Our philosophy on innovation is simple - we focus on products and solutions that deliver breakthrough technology to address a real market need. ‘Monster mPower Search’ is an outcome of our feedback-based research to understand the ever evolving needs of our customers. The business environment has changed drastically and employers today are looking for ‘a round hole for a round peg’, finding the right fit for a job. The ‘Monster mPower Search’ tool designed to help them find what they are looking for simply, quickly and intuitively.”

‘Monster mPower Search’ has been designed for emerging global trends in the digital space. The user interface is simple and intuitive, utilizing next generation technology and featuring an elegant design making use of a single-scroll interface with icon-based navigation and result presentation to set a new standard in the industry. Another key feature is a Keyword Search Suggestion capability that upon typing of a keyword prompts and gives flexibility to select related terminology clusters so that the match gets better. In addition, the service provides industry and education clustering to increase simplicity and speed to the candidate search. Top features include:
·         Single Scroll and Intuitive Next Generation User Interface with easy Navigation and Advanced filters

·         Two views of search results – listed and detailed with icons

·         Enhanced apply/reply’ functionality
·         Top Industry terminology clustering

·         Top education terminology clustering

·         Search by location

·         Suggested Search Keywords
·         Advanced Auto Keyword suggestion Interface

·         Dedicated Boolean search

·         Search for specific language and nationality requirements

·         ‘Top roles’ feature which would pull out the 8 top roles

·         Information on notice period, verified email ID, profiles with photographs

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