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Ninetology partners with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in phone recycle program

Subang Jaya, 22nd November 2013 – In response to the high number of wastage and pollution due to the high number of disposable mobile phones in the country, Ninetology ASEAN and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has formed an exclusive mobile recycling program, the Smart Ecology 2, to reduce this damaging effects on the environment. MNS acknowledges Ninetology as catalyst in taking leadership with the phone recycling program in the country. As well as taking a stand to make a difference in the environment.

Before this, users looking to upgrade their phones do not have a platform to “contribute” back to saving the environment. However, with this new initiative, users looking to upgrade their current mobile phones will now have a channel to patron when they get their new phones by trading in their old phones.

Officiation of partnership for Smart Ecology 2 between Mr. Leslie Loh, Chief Digital Officer of Ninetology Asean and Malaysian Nature Society, Executive Director, Mr. Shah Redza Hussein.

These old phones will be gathered by MNS and its Recycle for Nature team, in which will then be disposed or recycled via the Green Recycling method. The respective parts of each device will be segregated respectively to be repaired then re-used for future new devices.

“It is never smart to have accumulating unused devices in almost every corner of our very own homes as it gives more harm than any good in the long run, especially when new smart phones are launched every other day. Hence, our initiative of Smart Ecology 2 with MNS to provides the platform for people who are looking into upgrading their phones, a chance to contribute back to the environment,” Sean Ng, CEO of Ninetology ASEAN.
Ninetology Asean in collaboration with Malaysian Nature Society collected over 10,000 used phones for responsible disposal in the hugely successful Smart Ecology 1 CSR program.

In a way to encourage and motivate users to recycle their old phones, the Smart Ecology 2 program offers rebates of up to RM200 to users who trade-in their old mobile phones. All they need to do is to sign-up at before the new purchase.

At the same time, in order to educate the younger generation and instil environmental values, RM150 rebates are given to students and youth (up to age 30) on their new Ninetology smartphone purchase - without any trade-in request.
There are a total of 7 models that are selected to be part of this initiative. Currently, three models are included in the program - the U9R1, Stealth II, and Insight, with the U9R1 being the beacon model for the Smart Ecology 2 program. This model is the latest environmental friendly quad core smartphone with battery saving feature, and is built with only 7.8mm of thinness.

Joining the fray eventually will be another 4 models – which will be unveiled at 9pm, 2nd December 2013.

*Smart Ecology 2 runs from November 2013 until 31st January 2014.


雪邦2013年11月22日讯 -为了应对由于丢弃手机在国内造成的大量靡费和污染,Ninetology东盟和马来西亚自然协会(MNS)经已联手推动手机回收计划--智能生态2,以减少丢弃手机对环境造成的破坏。 MNS赞赏Ninetology此次对国家所作出的贡献,不仅成为该行业的催化剂,并且首创领导此手机回收计划,为生活环境带来更美好的一面。






共有7款手机被选为该计划的一部分。目前,参与的手机型号包括:U9R1, Stealth II, 及 Insight。U9R1更是智能生态2计划的主要型号。这个型号的手机是最新的环保四核心智能手机及拥有电池节能功能,并且仅7.8毫米薄。



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