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PayPal identifies global selling opportunities for Malaysia merchants this festive season

International consumers make the most of festive deals online, with local merchants seeing a peak of 5 transactions per minute on busiest selling day of the season in 2012

Malaysia, 20 November 2013 – The global consumer online shopping bonanza during the festive season brought on a bounty of selling opportunities for Malaysia merchants in 2012, with local PayPal merchants fulfilling orders from an international audience at a rate of as much as 5 transactions per minute on 3rd December 2012, the busiest selling day of the season last year.

Between October and December, a traditional festive shopping rush period around the world, Malaysia merchants using PayPal reaped a 20% year-on-year increase in sales volumes. Merchants in Malaysia saw the fastest growth in sales volumes year-on-year from buyers in Singapore (67%), China (27%), United States (22%), Australia (14%) and Japan (13%).

These growth trends can been attributed to a growing number of international consumers looking beyond their home countries for the best year-end deals or that perfect gift, outfit or holiday for Christmas, as well as subsequent festive periods including New Year celebrations and Chinese New Year. The top categories* for Malaysian merchants experiencing high year-on-year growth, were auto-parts (12%), fashion (18%), and cosmetics (10%).

This positive trend is expected to continue for Malaysia merchants with the 2013 year-end shopping period, with PayPal’s recent modern spice routes report by Nielsen reflecting that merchants could tap into a possible USD100 billion in online commerce revenues spent by international consumers this year.

Audrey Ottevanger, Country Manager for Malaysia & the Philippines, PayPal said, “The festive season has always been a great time for consumers to shop as they get ready for the festivities and the new year, and it’s never been easier for them to shop online from international stores. This is a chance for local merchants to tap into global buying trends and sell beyond their shores. Merchants looking to expand their business should embrace cross-border e-commerce and the incredible sales opportunity especially at the year-end. With a globally-trusted payment platform like PayPal, merchants can reach out to over 137 million international shoppers across 193 markets with 26 currencies, enabling them to pay more securely in just a few clicks. ”

Mark Koay, Founder and Group CEO of Photobook Worldwide said "The year-end holiday season is usually the busiest time for Photobook Worldwide, as people rush to order photobooks to capture their best memories of the year.  With consumers starting their festive shopping early, we began our Christmas promotions in mid-October and it’s an exciting time for us as we gear up for the year-end rush. Having PayPal as a payment option helps build trust with our international customers who are more comfortable paying with a globally-recognised payment solution that is convenient to use and ensures their transactions are secure while they order gifts for family and friends.”

Founder of Milktee, Goh Cheang Huang shared his company’s plans leading up to the festive season. “At Milktee, we are now stocking up on our inventory and all other necessary items such as packaging supplies and free gifts to prepare for the upcoming year-end buying surge. In addition, we are also gearing up for the festive season promotions and sales such as the Boxing Day sales, when we offer many really great deals to holiday shoppers. Our customers all over the world can pay conveniently and securely using PayPal, and we merchants also benefit from the Seller Protection Policy that lessens our risk from potential fraud,”

Audrey Ottevanger added, “With our data outlining huge international opportunities for merchants in Malaysia, it’s not just consumers, but merchants too who have much to look forward to during the holidays. This is especially so with the recent launch of our Seller Protection policy which helps safeguard eligible merchants against risks when selling online, including fraudulent transactions and items not received by the buyer. Our ability to protect both the buyer and seller in the same transaction ensures that merchants can focus on wrapping up their sales year on a high, knowing they are well-protected this holiday season.”

PayPal 于这佳节期间为马来西亚商家鉴定全球销售良机

国内商家于2012 年这段佳节期间,
在最忙碌的销售日内见证交易达到每分钟 5 宗的高峰

马来西亚 11 月 20 日讯 – 佳节期间全球消费人的网购热潮于 2012 年为马来西亚商家带来大量销售良机,其中国内的 PayPal 商家更于去年在这段佳节的最忙碌销售日,即2012 年 12 月 3 日取得来自国际消费者之每分钟多达 5 宗交易的定购率。

在 10 至 12 月的全球传统佳节购物热期间,采用 PayPal 的马来西亚商家见证销售额逐年激增 20%。马来西亚商家见证销售额逐年增长率最快的买家来源是来自新加坡 (67%),中国 (27%),美国 (22%),澳洲 (14%) 和日本 (13%)。

这项成长趋势可归功于越来越多国际消费者到国外寻觅最佳年终促销,或者圣诞节及接踵而来的阳历新年与农历新年的理想礼物和衣物。马来西亚商家最畅销的货品类别*都拥有颇高的逐年增长率,分别为汽车零件 (12%),服装 (18%)和化妆品 (10%)。

马来西亚商家所见证的这正面趋势预料将随着 2013 年终购物季节而延续下去,而PayPal 在最近通过 Nielsen 发布的Modern Spice Routes报告显示,全球商家有望努力在今年取得国际消费者预料将消费的1000亿美元在线商务消费额。

据 PayPal 驻马来西亚和菲律宾经理 Audrey Ottevanger 透露,“佳节期间向来是消费者为迎接各佳节和新年而购物的最佳时刻,而通过上网光顾国际商店已变得空前容易。这是国内商家把握全球网购趋势和销往海外的良机。有意扩展业务的商家有必要进军跨国界电子商务和把握年终的绝佳销售良机。通过如 PayPal的全球信赖的支付平台,商家们将可接触超过 1 亿 3 千 7 百万名分布在全球各地 193 个市场,并使用 26 种货币的国际购物者,消费者们只需按几个键钮就可安全支付。”

Photobook Worldwide 的创办人兼集团首席执行长 Mark Koay 表示,"年终假期季节通常是 Photobook Worldwide 最忙碌的时刻,这是因为人们蜂拥而来定购相簿以留住当年的最美好回忆。由于消费人趁早为佳节进行购物,我们在 10 月中就启动了圣诞节促销,因此,这是我们为年终热潮做好准备的振奋时刻。PayPal  所提供的支付选项有助我们取得国际顾客的信任,他们更乐于信赖备受全球认可且容易使用的支付方案,并确保他们为亲朋戚友定购礼物的各项交易能够安全进行。”

Milktee 的创办人Goh Cheang Huang 也叙述他的公司为佳节所准备的促销方案。“我们 Milktee 的同仁正努力的填补我们的库存和所有其他必需物品,例如包装供应品和免费赠品,以便为即将到来的年终购物热潮做好准备。此外,我们也为佳节促销和节礼日销售等进行准备,以便献予假日购物者许多真正物有所值的交易。我们遍布全球的顾客将可通过 PayPal 方便且安全地支付,而身为商家的我们也将在卖家保障计划下受惠,因为它降低了我们所面对的诈骗风险。”

Audrey Ottevanger 补充道,“我们的数据显示马来西亚的商家享有庞大的国际商机,不仅是消费人,商家也同样在假期间能有许多盼望。尤其是在我们最近推介了卖家保障计划后,它有助保护符合资格的商家预防在线销售风险,包括诈骗交易和买方没有收到货品的情况。我们保护交易的买方和卖方的能力确保商家可专注于将年度销售额推至新高,因为他们晓得自己在这个假期季节享有稳当保障。”

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