Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Samsung Brings e-Board Total Solution to Malaysia

Intuitive platform agnostic learning solution brings classroom learning to life

Kuala Lumpur, November 28, 2013 — Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. announced the availability of the e-Board Total Solution in Malaysia, a platform that provides teachers with an exceptional tool to deliver a new learning experience. It is ideal for schools that want to allow its students to bring their own computing devices to school – whether they use Windows, Android, Mac or iOS devices. The e-Board Total Solution comprises of an interactive whiteboard and complementary software that allows teachers to create a collaborative learning environment, which integrates students’ devices.

“The e-Board Total Solution we have created speaks to two key trends we have observed – firstly that learning is improved by a more student-centric approach and secondly that students are increasingly used to and expect to be able to interact with learning materials. With our e-Board Total Solution we offer an open and collaborative platform that places both the teacher and the student at the center of the classroom and opens up opportunities for the devices we use and trust everyday to become integral to our learning,” said Varinderjit Singh, Vice President, Enterprise Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Students enrolled in today’s schools are digital natives. Interaction with information is second nature to them. Samsung’s Magic Interactive Whiteboard (Magic IWB) software combined with the e-Board H/W (which can be overlaid with a touch screen) is a software that allows teachers to display text, images and videos.

The Magic IWB allows e-board to be used as traditional whiteboard to write and draw on – either on the screen itself or via the teacher’s personal device. Applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, can also be loaded to support classroom learning. Available in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 32” to 75” the Magic IWB is a simple, cost-effective and flexible solution vital for any forward thinking classroom.

To create the collaborative aspect of the e-Board Total Solution, Samsung has developed the Magic Interactive Management (MagicIMS). This software platform allows teachers and students to share their screens with the class and e-Board, via wired or Wi-Fi connections, to empower peer-to-peer learning. Teachers are also able to monitor each individual student to ensure that they are following the lesson and offer assistance where necessary, carry out attendance checks, send and receive files and even conduct tests and quizzes.

The e-Board Total Solution allows teachers to deliver a personalized learning experience that improves the engagement levels of students. As education techniques develop and technology continues to increase its footprint in the classroom, Samsung is committed to pioneering the next generation of interactive and collaborative learning.

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