Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Samsung Launches Samsung School solution to Drive New Learning Experience in the Classroom

Samsung School Solution demonstrates commitment to improve student learning with easy-to-use immersive technology for the digital classroom

Kuala Lumpur, November 28, 2013 — Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. is set to launch new technology that will dramatically change how students learn and teachers pass on information. The Samsung Smart School solution is the company’s concept of the Next Generation Classroom, which delivers a new education experience though interactive and collaborative learning. The solution is made up of Samsung’s leading range of products and solutions, from outstanding tablets and interactive whiteboards to mobile printers and PCs that will transform how teachers interact with students in the class room.

Already, the widespread adoption of tablets, mobile applications, social networks and digital content is having a profound effect on students around the world. They expect their learning environment to be digital and interactive. “Students today are digital natives; as they embark on their learning journey, they expect interactive software and content,” says Varinderjit Singh, Vice President, Enterprise Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “This level of interactivity can only be achieved if the education sector focuses not only on tools that motivate students to be active participants in their own education, but solutions and content that increase collaboration and networking in the learning environment.”

Thom Rubel, Vice President of Research at IDC Government Insights advises educators to focus their technology efforts on investments in mobile devices and networking solutions that foster student connections and collaboration. Rubel says that “education investments in technology will continue to morph from investments to connect and deliver content to tools that actually provide educational value by securely improving student collaboration and motivating students to learn”.

Samsung School Solution

To help bridge this gap, Samsung is launching its solution, a complete digital education offering consisting of Samsung tablets, servers and software that enable teachers to make lessons more dynamic by incorporating interactivity and multimedia content.

Available globally now, Samsung School solution enables the instant sharing of what’s on the screen of a teacher’s device to his students’ personal devices. It gives teachers greater control over their classroom, increases student engagement and ensures a more efficient transfer of materials to students, which in turn encourages more participation, results in more efficient communication and delivers improved classroom management and performance.

“Our ultimate goal is that our education technologies help to connect students from around the world. We want to provide them with a platform to share content and experience new ways of learning. For teachers, we hope that the solution will foster the sharing of best practice, and expose students to the very best content that there is on offer. Smart Education has the potential of providing equal educational opportunities to students from all walks of life by eliminating the educational gap,” says Varinderjit Singh.

The Samsung School solution is now commercially available in Malaysia, Varinderjit said, adding that this solution has been deployed in many Korean schools, and is currently trailed around the world – from Africa and Asia to Europe and North America.

For more information on Samsung School solution, please visit or call toll free number 1800-88-9883.

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