Friday, December 20, 2013

Schneider Electric’s Galaxy 5500 UPS Assists the Manufacturing Industry to Maintain Uptime and High Productivity

The Galaxy 5500 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) helps businesses to reduce energy and operational costs effectively.

Kuala Lumpur, 20th December 2013 — Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, offers an advanced power management system to businesses in Malaysia particularly to the manufacturing industry. Galaxy 5500 UPS provides a robust and reliable power protection and easy to install system at an affordable price.

Schneider Electric’s Galaxy 5500 UPS is the improved 3-phase product range in the 20-120kVA segment, bringing an effective solution to customers who need highly efficient and reliable power protection. The high efficiency in double conversion or ECO mode in the UPS saves a significant amount of energy costs. The rate of efficiency is up to 94 percent in online double conversion mode, which is higher than other UPS systems with similar features, hence providing lower operational and cooling costs over the long-term.

John Atherton, Malaysia IT Business Vice President of Schneider Electric, said, “A reliable supply of electrical power is critical for both efficient production and financial stability in the industrial facility industry. A momentary loss of power supply may cause the production line to be disrupted and your business to be adversely affected from the downtime. Therefore, it is imperative for end users to understand the importance of a UPS system to ensure constant uptime, productivity and availability in businesses. Proactive power management including UPS products, technology and services can be a major contributing factor to the success of manufacturing businesses.”

The advantage of the Galaxy 5500 UPS is its ability to integrate with Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare for Data Centers, which manages all aspects of the data center, including tracking and monitoring enterprise energy and carbon cost. With full system visibility,

managers can monitor and apply this information to help businesses optimise data centre performance and meet IT business and service oriented goals. The Galaxy 5500 UPS can also be monitored by using Schneider Electric’s Building Management System (BMS), where users can track and monitor energy usage throughout the building, enabling the building to be smarter and more efficient.

Galaxy 5500 UPS provides a high level of power availability through its redundant components in the system, where it helps to increase backup for greater reliability and ensures continuous operation in businesses. It is flexible and upgradeable with its expandable power ranges that offer scalable power levels to accommodate varying power requirements. Furthermore, Galaxy 5500 can be easily integrated with compatible networking and monitoring systems.

With Galaxy 5500 UPS, users can achieve a flat efficiency curve with significant efficiency gains at lower load. Galaxy 5500 UPS also offers optimised total cost of ownership where users can benefit from optimised investment and reduced energy consumption costs.

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