Tuesday, December 10, 2013

University of Malaya pioneers the first e-Scroll with Thales technology

Kuala Lumpur, December 2013 - Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, announces that its nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) and Time Stamp Server have been deployed by University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, to generate digital degree certificates for their graduates and so reduce the instance of counterfeiting and fraud.

Academic institutions around the world face challenges over the production of counterfeit degree certificates. University of Malaya decided to address the problem by issuing e-scrolls or digital certificates to their graduates. These e-Scrolls are digitally signed and time stamped and can be authenticated online.

Each e-Scroll is digitally signed by the university’s Registrar and Vice Chancellor using GlobalSign ® digital IDs. Thales high assurance, tamper-resistant HSMs provide strong protection for the digital identities of the two signatories, securely storing their private signing keys and preventing unauthorized access. As part of the process, each e-Scroll is issued a secured time stamp against the Malaysian National clock (located at SIRIM) by a Thales Time Stamp Server providing an additional layer of security and indicating the exact time and date the credential was issued.

“Organizations are increasingly moving from paper-based to electronic documents in order to reduce costs and increase productivity, but it is also essential that any such system provides the high levels of assurance necessary to ensure the authenticity and integrity of those documents. Thales has a wealth of experience and leading-edge products in the area of digital signatures and time stamping to protect digital signatures, making it practical for organizations, to implement these high-strength cryptographic techniques. We are particularly proud that University of Malaya chose Thales technology to deliver its innovative and secure e-Scroll.”  - Richard Mallet, Managing Director, APAC, Thales e-Security.

“More than 7,000 students graduate from the University of Malaya each year, and we feel it is our duty to present them with a certificate that has strong credibility and integrity as it is widely associated with our university. Thales provided us with the technology to allow us to issue a digitally signed and time stamped e-Scroll in a solution that is quick and simple to deploy. Not only does the e-Scroll overcome the issues of counterfeit degrees, but in a world where a growing number of graduates apply for jobs online, employers are able to quickly and easily validate the authenticity of the certificates. Effective 2013, all students graduating from the University of Malaya will receive an e-Scroll at their graduation ceremony in addition to a printed certificate.” - Dr David Asirvatham, Director of IT Centre, University of Malaya


Thales硬體加密模組與Time Stamp Servers伺服器可抑制黑市學位證書

2013年12月10日 – 资讯系统与通讯保安业领先者Thales宣称,吉隆坡马来亚大学为了减少伪造及欺诈事件,已经采用其nShield硬体加密模组(HSMs)和Time Stamp Server来发出数码学位证书予毕业生。


每张电子证书上皆有该大学注册部主任和副校长的GlobalSign ® 数码身份模式签名。Thales的高度安全和防伪造硬体加密模组为两人的签名提供高度保护,并安全地将他们的私人签名密码匙贮存,防止非授权者入侵。为提供额外安全,部份程序涉及每张电子证书须由Thales Time Stamp Server印下以马来西亚国家时间(设在马来西亚规格及工业研究局或SIRIM )为准的时签,注明正确的缮发证书时间及日期。


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